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Copy of CAKE IT EASY Final Pitch

No description

Quoc Nguyen Dao

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of CAKE IT EASY Final Pitch

Concept Positioning Customer Experience Website Visual Product CAKE IT EASY Pricing Place Promotion The Product
- Early Development The Product Suppliers The Market Our Target The Competition Quality Financial
requirements Partnerships Next Steps To rent a storage location (head office, support office + assembling kits)
To recruit staff : supply and delivery, the orders control, to assembly the kits
To buy the first tools + raw materials to start making some kits
To launch a communication campaign around our concept www.CakeItEasy.com Our Product Baking KITS
that you order online,

including : A step by step recipe All ingredients in the exact quantity you need The cooking utensils
(optinal) Explanatory videos Presentation suggestions CakeItEasy brings to your kitchen
the recipes of the greatest pâtissiers! Offering an easy, fun and interactive way to bake high quality pastries at home How is it innovative? Why are kits perfectly suited to pastry?
-> Baking requires technical tools
-> Baking takes time
-> Baking is an ART We provide

All inclusive packages for cooking pastries

With authentic recipes from chefs and
selected fresh products

That are customizable :
printed recipe / on video
with / without the cooking utensils
flexible quantities...

Directly and rapidly delivered at your home! Starting with Paris In the following years: to deliver in the Parisian suburbs Biggest demand
Production and distribution channels are easier to find
Our network, our contacts Happenings for the launch of the website : Internet exposure : Focus on Facebook & Pinterest For the cooking classes : Bakery market
in France :
2.3 MM€ BVA Survey for SEB in 2011 :
51% of French say they would cook more if they had the time
60% of the French between 20 and 34 say they would cook more if they had better culinary knowledge 2005 2010 43.1 M€ 90 M€ Turnover of culinary publishing
in France More will join:! Some prestigious pastry chefs have shown interest
in sharing their image and recipes... Frédéric Cassel
Owns his own bakery in the Parisian suburbs
Elected Patissier of the year 2007 and 2009
President of the "Relais desserts International" association Chrystelle Brua
Pastry Chef at the Pré Catelan, starred restaurant in Paris belonging to the Lenôtre house Our competitors are varied and numerous, but never direct : Shops and websites selling cooking boxes or baskets Publishers selling baking utensils Cooking classes Cake shops and bakeries Most of them can become partners Discover
Creations 2 Order
Your Kit Pick a Delivery Date and Invite your Friends 3 4 1 Bake Easily and Enjoy a Gourmet Recipe! Authenticity Creativity Simplicity Respect Excellence OUR VALUES First Recipes : 4 kits created in collaboration with our first partners Distribution Respect of the cold chain is essential
All kits will be delivered in isothermal boxes, to preserve the products' freshness Centralization of the
all the activities in
the assembling site Eurodistribution (utensiles + dry ingredients)
The Rungis market (fresh products)
Valrhona (chocolate) Advertising
Promotional opportunities : culinary exhibitions in strategic areas like Galeries Lafayette and BHV (cooking corners)
Contacts with magazines
Daily uploading of our cooking blog we propose a subscription with a first free package For our 4 recipes / cake kits (raw materials) :
- Red Fruits Charlotte : 11,05€
- Violet and Madagascan Vanilla Eclairs : 6,40€
- Passion fruit and Chocolate Macarons : 8,20€
- Speculoos and Vanilla Cheesecake : 4,55€ That would be the minimum price (we have to take into account fixed costs + transport) Our goal : to sell our basis kits under 15€ (the ingredients + the recipe) Optional : utensils, that will increase the cost of the kits Growing but untapped market Based on 3 trends:
French appetite for fine bakery
"Do It Yourself" trend
Healthy Homemade Food Patisserie is a luxury good Cooking and Internet are today highly interconnected Cooking Classes are an
exploding market in France SEGMENTATION From the beginner to the "amateur", we target people of all ages wanting to learn cooking, men & women indiscriminate TARGETED GROUPS Familiar with online shopping
Value healthy home cooking
With time to learn bakery (especially retirees)
Special offers to cooking classes / workshops POSITIONING Healthy, high quality recipes, yet cheaper than buying the cake in a bakery, to bake easily and impress friends, family "My first cake" (for kids)
"Birthday cakes"
"Exotic recipes" "Beginners"
"Grand chef" After studying our market, we will develop categories of kits : Cooking classes are overwhelmed by demand : to join a "Cook & Go" session in Paris, you sometimes have to wait 3 months! Market study : to establish the acceptable price range for the customers

Expand our partnerships with chefs

Delivery : study the possibilities of subcontracting

Negotiate with our targeted suppliers (price, freshness, quality) Why investing in our project ? The cooking kits market has proven to have an on growing clientele.

No direct competitor : we will be the first ones to adapt it to patisserie.

Solid contacts and collaborators to guarantee our success ! Our Team Inès
23 years old
Apprentice at the Frédéric Cassel bakery
In charge of recipes conception, contacts with the chefs and sales promotion
Born pastrycook Alexy
22 years old
Marketing specialization at ESCp Europe
In charge of the web design, the CRM and the suppliers
Cake tester
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