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Henry Hudson's Journal

No description

Joann Chen

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Henry Hudson's Journal

Henry Hudson's Journal
1607 Journal Entries
May 1, 1607
On this day my crew of eleven men and I set sail on the
. The Muscovy Company hired us. We are out on the search for an ice-free passageway from Europe to Asia. The conditions out here are quite horrendous. I'm terrified from my crew's health.
1608 Journal Entries
April 22, 1608
My crew of 14 men and I set sail from St. Katherine's Docks on the Thames, London. We are aboard the
, once more. An Anglican priest blessed us voyagers. I believe this might be a wonderful voyage.
1609 Journal Entries
January 8, 1609
The Dutch United Company signed a contract for me to search for a northeast passage. They promised me
guilders for leading the expedition. They also said they'd pay my expenses while I'm gone. What a wonderful deal!
September 15, 1607
After three and a half months, we seem to have no luck in finding the passage. I could have sworn this path was the right one. While on my voyage, we came across an island swimming with whales. But that was no passage to China from that route. I have returned to Tilbury, England to give the news.
May 30, 1607
My compass seems to be working incorrectly. My men are getting quite rowdy and suspicious. They believe this voyage was an evil spell. How will I calm them down?
May 1608
The weather has been atrocious. It has been extremely cold and four of my men are ill. This voyage has not been our favor lately.
August 7, 1608
My men almost committed a mutiny against me. My men got angry when I wanted to continue to sail northwest. They wanted to go back to England so I had to turn back around. Another failure on my part.
June 15, 1608
Two of my crew members sighted a strange looking thing today. I believe it was a mermaid. She surely look like one! She was looking at my men earnestly.
April 6-8 1609
I set sail with my men on a new ship called the Half Moon. A beautiful and speedy vessel. A second vessel set sail right after me. We have finally left all Dutch land and now we are sailing on open waters.
Mid-late May 1609
The Half Moon is currently blocked icy waters and the weather is bad. We could hardly get to Nova Zemblya. Fights between my English and Dutch men seems to occur periodically. Another mutiny broke out between my men once more. I believe it's time to change our course and set sail towards the New World.
September 5, 1609
We came in contact with some natives who traded us tobacco for knives and beads. These men were very civil.
November 7, 1609
The Half Moon returned to Dartmouth, England once more.
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