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Social Media Strategy

No description

Elise Redmann

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy


Dull Content
No clear segmentation nor strategy
Negative feedback
* What is Star2star all about?
-Star2Star is not a telephone company it's a ...
* What is the goal?
-Awareness, Sales, and loyalty & retention
*Who will be the target audience?

-Agents or Direct?
* What drives this audience?
-Innovation, price, quality, safety

Facebook: Brand Awareness
Twitter: Loyalty & Retention
Youtube: "Snapshot" Awareness
LinkedIn: Professional Awareness
Platform Objectives

1) Demonstrate company values
2) Use words they love to hear
3) Make it personal
4) Speedy responses

* "Thank you for your response.
very concerned
with your unpleasant experience. Please contact
at {…} so I can
attend to your issue right away

Increasing retention rates by 5% = increased profits by 25%- 95%
7,000 consumers from across the U.S.
Strong relationship with a brand?
64% cited shared
values as the primary reason.


Facebook- Likes, comments, feedback
Twitter- Employee and customer feedback
Youtube- Likes, comments, feedback
LinkedIn- Connections

= Track ROI

1) Showcase space artifacts: Weekly
-Expands methodology behind the brand

2) Include exclusive photos and knowledge about company
* Photo album of office "stars"
-Their objective is more obtainable and a personal topic to both consumer and producer
* Photo album of awards
-Gives them confidence in the service
3) Showcase videos (link to YouTube)

Create (Personal) awareness among B2B customers
Customer Drive:
Innovation, Price, and Quality

4) Create Star2Star info graphics:
* "Chat With Star2Star"
- facts on transition to digital
* "Disaster Recovery With Star2Star"
- facts on disaster recovery
* "In the Cloud With Star2Star"
-How the cloud is used
5) Articles on technology advances (favoring Star software), the change from traditional to digital, etc.
6) Change design (similar to website)
-Gives customers a visual of the company as "that space/star company". Customers remember and appreciate a good story/background

* Dedicated to current and future employee's loyalty and retention since their feedback/review currently holds negative impact

1) Include "Did you know?" content about the company/staff/products

* "Did you know that Nathan went to New College in …."

2) Continue posting pictures of company events (preferably with staff)

3) Invite employees to "follow" twitter page, if applicable

4) Showcase awards

5) Articles on company, philosophy, industry, etc.

6) Design improvement in necessary

loyalty & Retention

Customer Drive:
personal quality

Professional/Industry Awareness

1) Tabs: Products, Services, Webinars, Careers, Awards
2) Showcase info graphics
3) 4-1-1 Rule:
-4-New content, 1-Retweet, 1-Self-serving Tweet
-More activity=more awareness and engagement
-Content can be industry reviews and pulled from other social media pages

"Snapshot" Awareness
Customer Drive:
To learn as much about the company quickly and easily. as possible

*This is an outlet for the company to show their creativity. (60 seconds or less)
* This platform is what customers will go to get a snapshot of products, company, and creativity

1) Videos on all the products
-Use, design, and benefits
2) Office tour
-Featuring products within company's use
3) Business Ethic
-The 3 Ps
* After a customer watches these videos they should know what the company is all about not just their products and services.

*Every time a video is posted, share on other social media platforms.
*Also, allow comments and tag videos to optimize video exposure.
Missing Piece:
Why does Star2Star do what they do?
SEO Results
#1 "Unified Communications"
- 3,600 searches monthy
- 7,560,000 competitors
- Star2Star is not in top 100
#2 "Business VOIP"
- 1,300 searches monthy
- 1,190,000 competitors
- Star2star not in top 100

#3 "Enterprise VoIP"
- 70 searches monthy
- 166,000 competitors
- Star2Star not in top 100
"Internet VoIP"

1) If you're not in first fold, you don't compete

2) Competition is extreamly high in current segementation

= New apprach and new segementaiton
-20 monthy searches
-30,800 Competitors
-Star2Star ranks #12...

Become a "compnay culture solution."
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