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Introduction presentation for STAAR Olympics

Lindsey Muñoz

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of NMS LA STAAR Olympics

Welcome to the STAAR OLYMPICS
Opening Ceremonies What are the Olympics? The Olympics are big sporting events held every four years where athletes from around the world come together to compete for their nation. Not only is it a chance to see who are the best athletes, but it is a wonderful way for the world to come together in the spirit of sportsmanship and unity. What are the STAAR Olympics ? The STAAR OLYMPICS are
a series of intense,
week-long training courses designed to prepare our
minds for the BIG EVENT, which is... STAAR Olympics
Event 1: Dictionary, Grammar, Prefix/Suffix
Event 2: Poetry, Figurative Language
Event 3: Fiction Review
Event 4: Testing Strategies Each week, we will train our minds on different objectives. Our classroom is transformed into our very own Olympic Training Center. Three Training Stations
INDIVIDUAL WORKOUT COACH'S CORNER= Teacher Get started on your own before your coach (your teacher) is there.

You will work with me to
practice challenging STAAR OBJECTIVES. I will train your mind how to tackle these difficult problems. PERSONAL TRAINING = with tutor You will work with a pre-selected partner and together you will work through your PT (personal training) work to help train each other for the BIG EVENT! INDIVIDUAL WORKOUT = Independent Practice You will show what you can do by yourself without the help of a coach or a personal trainer. This is your time to shine!! All of this training will help us prepare for each EVENT QUIZ! At the end of each event we will take a 10-question assessment over the objectives we trained on for that event. What's in it for you? Besides doing well on the STAAR,
you will have the opportunity to earn
medals and STAARBUCKS for good behavior
and scholarship. How to earn a medal: A (90%-100%) > Gold Medal and $3 STAARBUCKS
B (80%-89%) > Silver Medal and $2 STAARBUCKS
C (70%-79%) > Bronze Medal and $1 STAARBUCKS Getting started without being asked
Volunteering great answers
Doing well on the Big Events
Best FOCUS in class
Participating in class
Showing a strong work ethic
Coming to tutorials What can you buy with STAARBUCKS? STAARBUCKS Store Are you ready for the STAAR Olympics? DO NOW On a sticky note, write the answers to the following questions:
1. What was your grade in Language Arts on your last report card?
2. What is April 24, 2013?
3. What is our goal for the READING STAAR Test?
4. Why is that goal important? We have proven to ourselves how much we can grow and improve. Now, it is time for us to get serious and train for the big event... the STAAR Test.

Here is where we will be competing with not only other Northbrook students, but the smallest and hardest working students at every school in TEXAS. 1. Setup dividers
2. Work on practice problems independently and silently
3. Use your notebook to help you!
4. JUSTIFY YOUR ANSWERS!!! Be nice to your trainer.
Be focused! Work hard!
Ask your trainer questions. You WILL retake until you medal.
You CAN retake until you get a GOLD! How to earn STAARBUCKS: $5 STAARBUCKS $10 STAARBUCKS When Can You Shop? End of Class
Before/After School
Name and Country on the top, right corner on front
Anything that inspires you on back Decorate Folder (5 min) Torch Lighting Ceremony Great Olympians have come before you….. All Olympians have one thing in common: THEY TRAIN THEIR HEARTS OUT. 1. What are the three stations of STAAR Olympics?
2. During which workout do you work silently?
3. What Country are you in?
4. Who is your Personal Trainer?
5. What can you get for doing awesome things during STAAR Olympics?
6. Can you eat food in class during STAAR Olympics?
7. At which station do you have to get started immediately? Exit Ticket Listen to your music while in Individual Workout! $20 STAAR BUCKS for
a Music Pass STAARBUCKS 1. Push yourself to ALWAYS do you best.
2. Move with your country when the timer goes off.
3. A lways get started immediately.
4. Don’t waste time!
5. You MAY eat in class if you have bought a snack with your STAAR Bucks! Make sure you leave your area clean.
6. All of your Olympics work goes in your folder. STAAR OLYMPICS Expectations Folders and Country Assignments Listen for your name!

Write the name of your country on the top, right hand corner of your folder in BIG letters!
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