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Furever Pets 3D

No description

on 3 May 2014

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Transcript of Furever Pets 3D

Dawn Onusko
Financials &
Capital Investments
Financials &
Capital Investments
Katie Luu
Marketing Strategies, Competitive Analysis & Intelligence
Ayah Abdulhamid
Organization & Human Resource Management
Frankie Joseph
Market Analysis,
Operations & Logistics
Cymetria Dillard
A Wave of Innovation:
3D Printing
Carol Smith
Licensing & Regulations
Sales Strategy
The consistent production of high quality 3D

figurines to the customers specifications.

Be recognized as the leading manufacturer of 3D Pet images across the United States.

Be committed to customer satisfaction and service.
The Market
Pet Lovers Go To Many Extremes
Pets Have Basic Essentials
Health Checks
They Spend Lavishly On Their Pets
Key Personnel
Business Partners
& Consultants
Potential Market
An optimistic assumption of the population who would really patronize your company
Addressable Market
Market chased by all competitors, reduce potential market via demographics to size
Capturable Market
The gross revenue you will capture each year
Thank You
Human Resource Management
Mercer HR Firm
Macro Demand Curve
TOWS Analysis
External Opportunities
1. Partnering with a leading organization in the 3D printing industry.
2. Rapid development of products in the market.
3. Good reputation in the marketplace
(Edwards, 2012)

External Threats
Changes in raw materials market.
The uncertainty of our new product development and the response from our consumers.
Sudden and negative effects on the economy.(Edwards, 2012)

Internal Weaknesses
Internal Strengths
1. Low cost competition
2. Cheaper service and product costs from competitors
3. Faster turn times on new products from other companies
Furever Pets 3D uses market share and reputation to keep low cost competition away from end-user customer base.
Furever Pets 3D uses strategic partnership to reduce impact of low cost from smaller competitors.
Increased market size
Increased demand
Low cost suppliers

Furever Pets 3D uses capabilities and market share to entice low cost supplier to become a partner.
Furever Pets 3D uses strategic partnership to improve the 3D printing material costs and lower service.
Major Risk Factors
The critical threats to this business venture are:
A Wave of Innovation: 3D Printing
Financial Projections
Sales Units
Sales Revenue
Income Statement
Break Even Analysis
Return on Investment
Marketing Mix
The 4 P's
Furever Pets 3D makes a printed life-like photo of your pet easier through state-of-the art 3D scanning and color printing technology.
The result is a custom made image of your loved pet, which you can hold in your hands and observe from any angle.
3D packages ranging from pet key chains, small desktop size figurines, to life size recreations.
The price consists of standards, products and accessories. Basic packages range from
Pricing will vary, depending on size and the quality of the materials ordered. The price will be directly proportional to the size, quality, and the detailed characteristics of the 3D creation.
Initial sales strategy will focus on pet specialty stores, pet shows and our online website.
Advertise via direct mail, catalogs, Internet ads as well as magazine ads.
Communicating electronically and via social media to reach out for our target market about our 3D printing company will improve the desire of our product, services and the organization as a whole.
Furever Pets 3D is currently located in Houston, Texas.
A distribution channel strategy enables Furever Pets 3D to sell to customers in geographical areas or market sectors that our direct sales team cannot reach.
Our strategy is to grow our business regionally.
Eliminating the need for outsourcing costs through the company Shapeways by scanning our images in house by adding a 3D scanner and personnel to assit with the growth we anticipate.

Internet Presence

Enhanced quality
Low cost c0mpetition with cheaper services and product costs,

Faster turn around time on proessing and the addition on new 3D products

Operating in many locations to accommodate clients
Competitive Advantages
& Disadvantages
Start-Up Funding
Multiple investor’s
Personal Bank Loan
Owner personal contribution
• Legal
• Stationery etc…
• Brochures
• Consultants
• Insurance
• Expensed equipment

Start-Up Expense
• Cash required
Start-Up Assets
Start-Up Summary
Liabilities and Capital

Current Borrowing $20,000
Total Liabilities
Dawn Onusko $12,350
Additional Investment Requirement $25,000
Total Planned Investment
Loss at Start-Up (Start-Up Expenses) ($5,750)
Total Capital $31,600
Total Capital and Liabilities $51,600
Total Funding $57,350

We will look at :
Projections will show
Furever Pets 3D is:
Conservative in sales projections
Aggressive in marketing
Impressive sales growth
Lean overhead
Expansion in year 4
Profit every year

Return on Investment
Return on Investment Chart
- fluctuations
- changes in raw materials market

- over-saturation
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