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USAT Coaching The InnerState

No description

Lisa Engles

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of USAT Coaching The InnerState

Coaching The Inner State
Science,Psychology and Tools for Transformation Traditional Approaches to Overcoming
Mental Blocks and Obstacles Goal Setting Behavior Modification Visualization or
Guided Imagery The Problem Is...
These approaches work towards changing the symptom v. eliminating the underlying cause of the symptom Common Symptoms Performance Plateau Lack of Motivation Chronic Pain and Injury Inability to Lose Weight What Is A Belief ? An agreement or a decision we've made about reality based on our past experiences Thought + Emotion A biochemical imprint or neural network in the brain A subconscious program Common Limiting Thoughts,
Beliefs, Attitudes I'm not a strong (swimmer, cyclist, runner) I ALWAYS choke at this race I'll NEVER be as good as him/her I CAN'T because (I have a bad knee, I don't have time, I'm not good enough) I have bad genes (I'm this way because of heredity) I've tried everything, nothing will help Global Limiting Beliefs I can't because I'm a victim of my circumstances unlucky heredity not good at I can't because I'm a victim of my past no one every taught me my father/mother was abusive I lost my job, my family etc I'm not good enough I'm not worthy I don't deserve I'm not loveable I could never have that I'm inferior Each of us is inherently whole, there is nothing to 'fix' only to reintegrate our wholeness Any symptom, problem or issue is just the effect of a deeper cause which lies in the subconscious mind Subconscious 'programs' can be accessed and changed Old v. New: The Paradigm Shift Newtonian Model: Reductionism Einstein Model: Quantum Physics complex systems can be broken down into
simpler parts and understood as a hierarchy of events All matter at the subatomic level is energy, and all energies irreducibly interact and are interdependent of one another Health, well being and
performance is
outside of our control We rely on an expert
to fix the problem We rely on surgery or drugs to
cut out or alleviate the problem Illness, disease, dysfunction and chronic pain are
symptoms of a deeper cause whose roots can be
found at the energetic level Health, well being and peak
performance are affected by our
thoughts and beliefs We can use self healing tools and techniques to overcome barriers to optimal health, well being and peak performance. Science and Psychology of Transformation Research shows that thoughts affect
our body at a cellular and molecular level Thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are programs that 'live' in the subconscious mind Modern Research Genetic expression is a function of our
thoughts and beliefs, not out DNA-
The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton, PHd Environmental signals are sent
to protein receptors on cell
membrane which control cell behavior Signals are directly affected
by the cellular 'environment' 3 things affect the cellular environment:
Thought Our thoughts and our beliefs become our biology. The cell membrane acts as an
information processing computer chip Receptors on cell engage
genetic blueprint Inappropriate signals cause illness,
disease and dysfunction in the body Of those 3, thought has
the most influence on a
cell's environment Thought triggers a
chemical release Chemical signals find
their way to receptor site A dominant thought-feeling is imprinted as a
neural network becoming an automatic response
program Feeling is elicited in the body Body responds by making
more receptor sites To maintain homeostasis, body needs
more chemical release Belief Feedback Loop Beliefs lie at the level of the subconscious mind- So you must address them at that level, otherwise true transformation isn't possible. 3 Step Process
For Coaching The
Inner State Identify the limiting
thought, belief, attitude,
behavior or emotion Thoughts/Beliefs I should have... I'm not a 'real runner I've inherited 'bad' genes I always bonk on that course I'll never be as good as ... I can't because... Sabotaging Behavior
or Habit uncontrollable cravings avoidance patterns overeating or undereating lack of motivation excuses for why 'I can't' use of recreational or prescription drugs procrastination skipping workouts Emotion pessimism competitive anxiety jealousy stress apathy frustration depression fear nervous overwhelm anger Identify the payoff Identification This is who I am
Who would I be if I wasn't... Victimization/Less Responsibility I'll always be this way
I can't because (he/she/they)
He/she/they're in control, not me Illusion of Safety It's safer to stay this way If I change, I won't be safe I'd rather play it safe Ego Advantage I'm better than him/her/them because I'm this way I get praise or attention being this way if I change I won't get the same attention Reprogram the thought, belief,
emotion, behavior 'The Work' of Byron Katie-
How does it make you feel when you think that thought?
Who would you be without that thought?
What thought could you choose that would be more empowering? The Sedona Method-
Can you let go of that thought just for now?
Without judgement The Choices Method-
I choose to feel, believe, think... Reframing Powerful Inquiry Laddering technique
What does it mean about you that.... Payoff Inquiry
How does it serve you to remain....?
What would you lose if you were to change?
What's the upside of staying this way?
What's the downside of changing? By helping our client identify their limiting beliefs and payoffs, we access the subconscious programs and bring them into conscious awareness. From here, we can guide our clients to choose more empowering thoughts, beliefs and behavior patterns for peak health, well being and performance. Coaching The Inner State Presented by Lisa Engles www.InnerStateCoaching.com www.PranayamaRunning.com Lisa@InnerStateCoaching.com Addictions Health, well being and performance
is within our control as individuals We are empowered because
we can heal ourselves Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Also known as 'Meridian Tapping', EFT is an extremely useful tool for any coach to use with their athletes. By tapping on certain meridian points on the body while bringing to mind the self-sabotaging thought (or obstacle), science has shown that you can reprogram the neural networks in the brain associated with the sabotaging thought, belief or behavior. Presented by Lisa Engles Most often, the underlying cause of these symptoms is a subconscious resistance to change- or limiting belief. Summary Chronic pain and injury, lack of motivation, performance plateau, inability to lose weight and addictions are all SYMPTOMS of a deeper root cause which lies in the subconscious mind.
We must address these issues in a new way if we are to help our clients make lasting change (transformation) in their overall health, well being and performance.
Science now confirms that our thoughts and emotions directly affect our body, down to our genetic expression.
We can use tools and techniques such as reframing, powerful inquiry and EFT to make profound changes in our body and health. As coaches, we often deal with these symptoms by:
- Changing training plan
- Referring to a doctor or alternative health professional
No belief is true Adyashanti First Coaching Assumption Second Coaching Assumption Third Coaching Assumption Discussion about common limiting beliefs and the approach to overcoming them
The new science and biology of belief
Strategies for transformation
Our current medical and health fields base their approach on the Newtonian model. Only 25 years ago, it was believed that our health was controlled by our DNA
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