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Art For a Cause

No description

Kaitlin Bolton

on 26 April 2017

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Transcript of Art For a Cause

For this project students were assigned to make a 2D artwork about a local, national or global issue.
examples: pollution, bullying, child soldiers, etc.
Media Pods
Small Group Critique
3-4 students were grouped up together. They each discussed their artwork together and wrote down suggestions on a handout.

Next students left their project on the table, got up and walked around to everyones project writing positive comments and constructive suggestions for improvement.

Document Example
Students were given two assessments in this project

1. The mini critique: participation points were assigned to those who gave feedback and filled out the worksheet. This acted as a formative assessment. A chance to present their project, but to make improvements
2. A rubric was used as the summative assessment
Selecting a Topic and Research
Examples: Art of the civil rights movement, PSA's, Propaganda, Advertisements
Art For a Cause
8th Grade Warrensburg Middle School

Student Work

Students were placed into small groups.
They then rotated through different stations to try out multiple art medias
Stations available:
Graphite, Charcoal, Watercolor, Watercolor Pencil, Chalk Pastel, Tempera Paint, and Ink.

My greatest hope for this project is that kids will realize that their artwork affects and influences others. Art is an opportunity for them to express the changes they wish to see in the world.

Students got to choose which 2D media they would use as well as size of paper
Throughout the project students got to practice working with different art materials and media, share ideas with classmates, and present their project.
I introduced the project with a PowerPoint discussing how Art and society have influenced each other. We talked about how art can be used to share information and teach others.
Next students each got a chromebook and looked up topics for the project
The students read their artist statements aloud and shared what they learned!

It was my favorite part of the project
1. Keeping politics out of it
2. Motivating Kids
3. Encouraging meaningful conversations
4. What did they actually learn? What type of assessment should be use?
My goal was for students to see how art can influence others, teach, and spread awareness through art.
1. Brainstorm topics as a class ahead of time
2. Make question and answer worksheet for artist statement instead of a general prompt ( they didn't answer all the questions I asked in the prompt)
3. Give an exit slip at the end of presentations so I can see what they learned from each others projects
4. Have and art show at the end of the project to display everyone's work
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