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Career Shadowing

No description

Victoria Simmons

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing
By: Victoria Simmons At Good Sheperd Hospice
(the office building) The purpose of this company is to provide
excelent end of life care to the terminally ill. What the job entails is basically to take care of statistics and to see what improvements the comany needs to make to have the best customer service as possible. Also, in this job you train some if the emplyees. Compliance Specialist; Charlotte Fiddelke The company plans to grow in size by creating more building and such, in 15 years. Some employability skills needed for this job is that they have to dress in appropiate work attire. One of the many Mckeel employability skills that does not apply to this job is the one stating "You cannot eat, drink, or chew gum." She is able to do all three of those things at her work place and she is also able to use her phone during work. Technology is used daily at this job. She uses the computer for most of her work. I would never pursue a career with this company because I'm not big on hospices and such. The thing I like best about the job is that it is not repetative. On that note, the thing I most dislike about this job is that it is rather boring and uninteresting... that's just my opinion though. Some skills you need for this job is to be kind, respectful to authority figures and everyone around you, and know how to deal with people when you train employees. In this job, you need at least a bachelors degree in healthcare related subjects areas. The average salary for this job is $59,147. The office building...
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