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Pavan Dhesi

on 14 November 2014

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Transcript of WITCHCRAFT IN THE 1600'S


the youngest female who was accused of witchcraft had only been 5 years old.
over a period of 10 months, 165 people were accused and killed for witchcraft in Salem.
one person was pressed to death in result to not admitting to being a witch. He had rocks piled on his chest until he confessed, and in the end, he ended up dying from weight of rocks.
witch trials were common in central Europe; Germany, France, Switzerland, and Belgium.
In the 1600's, multiple cultures believed that those who were witches contained the power to:
help cropping
make humans or animals fertile
and beheld magic to cure the sick
Matthew Hopkins
John Steame
Witches were most commonly woman, very few men. Reasons as to why people were convicted of witchcraft:
they were wealthy
conversed with themselves
did not go to church
did not have a male living in the house
burned at stake
suspects deprived of food, water and sleep
hung to death
Salem Witch Trials of 1692
occurred in Massachusetts, from 1692-1693
hearings for the people accused of witchcraft
death of over 200 unjustified individuals
a small group of girls made up a story that 3 women in town were witches
they women later on were executed
Tests and Trials:
attached a rock too your leg and threw you into a river
poked with a needle, 'Pricking'
put on a scale and weighed against two bibles
stripped and searched for the devils mark
Salem Witch Trials
Pavan D.
Isabelle A.
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