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No description

Zoltán Csík-Kovács

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Presume

then an astronaut...
then a geographer...
and then a gardener...
So my childhood was a big zoom :)
First I wanted to be an astronomer...
And I became...
What does this mean?
That I enjoy creating things,
and I do it within divergent professions.
Like this :)
Let me show you the highlights in my career.

Enourmous outbreak of tornadoes in US called “super outbreak”

The first women climbed an 8,000 metre peak

“worst year of all” - Géza Bereményi
LAB working
Identity building
I spent my childhood with serious scientific research...
My education is a mixture of art, informatics and philosophy:

• MOME, Budapest - Faculty of visual communication, photography 1999-2004

• STU, Bratislava - Faculty of fine arts 2003

• VUT, Brno - Faculty of multimedia 2001

• SZTE, Szeged - Philosophy 1995-1997

• SZTE, Szeged - Programmer matematician 1993-1995
Szövetség ‘39
Kitchen Budapest
OS Kantine
My current mission:

3. To decide which is the bigger invention, the wheel or the pancake :)
Cat-licker robot
A not-good-for-anything robot which search for and lick plush cats if found one. Winner of Bacarobo Europe 2010.
This prezi contains only a limited overview of my works. To go into more details
please visit my website! Thank you!
A modified lawnmower which is able to cut pattern into the grass.
Poem Bean
A device art project and a small rubber gadget which stores a poem in its memory and able to blink it back morse coded with its minimal interface: one single LED light. A web application helps to encode or decode poems on Poem Bean.
A design night lamp which creates light in darkness with fade-in effect when motion is detected in the room.
An installation which visualizes the online and offline states of users. Once a user comes online, a real bubble rises from the bottom of a water tank to its top, and continues its life as a projected bubble floating over the tank. Users need to be connected to the “datafizz user” to be displayed on the installation.
Fröccs app
If somebody is not familiar with the hungarian terminology for different spritzers this application may help to remember the popular names. Using a highly intuitive interface you can slide and make up your desired mixture while you can read the corresponding spritzer name and read the description.
...which resulted in starting handmade missiles from my room window. :)
I also liked to make photos and make paper copies in B&W darkroom.
Drawing was another favorite occupation and I managed to get an award.
1. To focus on one project
2. To learn more
Based on Pig
Based on Pig is an independent research project discovering the eating habits of the contemporary Budapest by design research methods. The output of the research is a thematic online magazine with a chosen food raw material as central theme each month. The most popular columns were the kitchen experiments followed by a visualized prezi and the kitchen myth buster video series.
Blog engine
Meanwhile I made a little blog engine in php in one night to make a private communication platform where we can share tasks, ideas.
After finishing the University with co-founding and managing Zarf I experienced what is it like working in group for real clients. I contributed in identity design, graphic design projects, designed and programmed css/frontend/backend for several websites. At Szövetség '39 I experienced a more fluid teamwork.
Several websites
With continuous improvement of this blog engine it became the back-end of several websites we designed and configured for clients.
These media labs brought even more inspiring atmosphere and experience in working in multilingual environment. I led/contributed in several innovative projects as the following.
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