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Geometry Project: FINAL DRAFT

Nicole Budnik

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Rotation

Questions 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c What is Rotation? Rotation of an object is the act of rotating; a turning of an object around it's axis or center point. What do I think is Rotation? I think rotation is when an object moves around its center or axis. The object's center or axis never changes its current position. Real Life Example Our Solar System Questions 2.) Which way do you always rotate the
object unless told to do otherwise?

3.)If a point's location is (5,-6) and you rotate is 270 degrees, what will the point's new coordinates be? Rotation of a Triangle How to Rotate an Object 1.) You draw a line from a point on the object and connect it to its axis.
2.) Use your protractor by placing it on the line you just made and mark it at how far you need to rotate the object. Connect the center point and mark you just made.
3.) Find the distance between the axis and the point you picked by using your compass by adjusting its length.
3.) Use your compass and draw a circle until you pass the second line. Don't change the length that you already set.
4.) Make a dot where the 2nd line and the circle meet.
5.) Repeat from each point on the figure.
6.) Connect the dots DON'T FORGET The center point or axis doesn't change throughout the rotation.
A rotation around a point is an isometry, when the pre-image and the new image are congruent.
The positive number of degrees a figure rotates is called angle of rotation.
When we rotate things, the lengths are the same.
You always rotate things COUNTER CLOCKWISE unless told so. Geometry Real Life Non-Example Ferris Wheel The gondolas that carry people do not rotate around the center point. When you rotate an object, its degree must change too. When the gondolas travel around the ferris wheel, the don't change their degree. The planets in our solar system rotate around its center point, which is our sun. Questions R o t a t o n i Nicole Budnik 1.) If you rotate an object
90 degrees, what will it's
new coordinates be using
"A" as a point on the x-axis
and "B" as a point on the
y-axis? 180 degrees? 270
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