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No description

Isis Blancas

on 23 November 2014

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Transcript of GEMELIERS

Proclaims his first album to be certified platinum with over forty thousand copies sold.
Hundred albums in Spain remains in the Top Charts.
Jesús and Daniel
Oviedo Morilla
They are two twins and they are fifteen years old.
They are from Seville.
Gemeliers's first album called "Lo mejor está por venir" and is perfect and very very popular.They have eleven songs on the disc and outside.
Also have the reissue of his album in singing with Xuso Jones, Jaime Terron, Aran One and Naela others.
They born in the twenty-one February thousand nine hundred ninety-nine.
After four years they entered the program Canal Sur, "Menuda Noche" where they remained until eleven.
After leaving the program, they went into another program called "Quiero cantar"
Later, at fourteen, they were presented with "No me doy por vencido" in "La voz kids". They reached Battles blindly and which competed with "Balilla" and Ivan singing "Amiga mia".
Then, they signed with the record company Pep's Music Group.
My favorite songs are "Prefiero decirtelo asi" and "Sueño"
On May thirteen, they presented their first CD 'Lo mejor está por venir' and they entering the charts at Nº 2. They was twenty weeks in the list of sales among the top five.
Reaching the Nº one position for four consecutive weeks!!!
They have more than two hundred fifty thousand followed in social networks.
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