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Kill Shelters

No description

Tristen Emerson

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Kill Shelters

Estimate of Humans Desiring a Pet:
23.7 million
Homeless animals out number homeless people in the streets 5 to 1.
Unfair to the dogs to just be stuck in a cage until they are adopted.
40% of animals in shelters are surrendered by their owners, and 19% are strays.
Every animal that enters the shelter is fixed, therefore they can no longer reproduced.
"Dog or cat of the day" to help an animal that has been there too long can get a home.
Feral and vicious or terribly ill is humanely euthanized.
Everyone can donate to help fund these shelters and save animals life.
No-Kill Animal Shelter

There is an over population of animals in the streets.
Myth: No-Kill shelters are too expensive and our economy can't afford it.
Fact: No-Kill shelters have reduced costs, increase revenues, more community support.
Estimate of Animals Entering Shelters:
7.6 million
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