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Staffing Partners Database

No description

Amanda Balk

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Staffing Partners Database

Wood Dale
Staffing Partners Database

By Amanda Balk
September 12, 2013
The (Real) Assigned Project
• Job descriptions
• Wood Dale leadership team
• Resumes of current employees on PCR
• Out-of-process resumes on PCR
• O*Net job descriptions
• Mike McDaniel – Director, Human Resources
• Corey Jensen – HR Manager at Alsip
• Toni Rush – HR Admin
• Anixter media library
• Program websites
• Manufacturing Renaissance
• America’s Heroes at Work
• Multiple tours of the facility
• Articles on manufacturing industry trends
• Database of programs with:
 Brief descriptions of programs
 Link to website
 Their contact persons’ preferred means of communication
 Hyperlinks to more information
i.e. course guides, program requirements, flyers
 Quoted descriptions of programs from contact persons
 Recommendations
• Database of military recruitment programs/services both nationally and in Chicago area
Brief descriptions of programs/services
Link to website
 Hyperlinks to more information
i.e. processes, hiring conferences, contracts
 Their contact persons' preferred means of communication
 Recommendations
• And this Presentation!

Presentation Overview
Today we will cover:
Internship Project Outline
Manufacturing Training Programs
Military Leadership
The Takeaway: What I Learned
The Assigned Project
Identify community partners within Northern Cook and DuPage counties as potential sources for identifying and recruiting individuals for technical manufacturing and operations positions
Identify military talent programs across North America for identifying and recruiting individuals for manufacturing and operations leadership positions
Job descriptions - Fastener
Wood Dale leadership team
Weekly status meetings with Joyce
Database of contact information, services, and programs offered within Northern Cook and DuPage counties
Database of military transition programs across North America
Present findings and recommendations to leadership team and Fastener HR in Wood Dale
Manufacturing Training Programs
The Transformation
The Result
Military Leadership
The Transformation
The Result
The Transformation
Identify community partners within Northern Cook and DuPage counties as potential sources for identifying and recruiting individuals for technical manufacturing and operations positions
Initial search
Training programs, community colleges, city colleges, trade schools
Compilation of program descriptions
Taking notice of similarities through cross-examination
First learning opportunity: I latched onto Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
In an Anixter video of Wood Dale
CNC or "advanced manufacturing"
The automation of machine tools that are operated by using computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs
Meeting with Ken
CNC is, in fact, used at Wood Dale by tool makers and maintenance mechanics
But should not be the focus
Helped me in program search

Why am I looking?
What type of candidate am I searching for?
Where should I look?
What type of candidate am I searching for?
The perfect machinist who can start now?
At least 1-3 years of experience as machinist
Knowledge of cold-heading tooling for standard and special products
Good written & verbal communication skills in English
Ability to apply frequent and appropriate problem-solving skills
Or a pipeline of candidates who are primed to be trained to become the perfect machinist
Mechanical aptitude
hands-on tinkering mindset
not bored by repetition
Soft skills
problem-solving skills, time management, communication
Basic knowledge of manufacturing principles
Technical math, quality control, blueprint reading, experience with measuring tools
Where should I look?
Community colleges - engineering-minded students with possibly undecided futures
Manufacturing Technology
Training programs - students with ambitions in the manufacturing industry
National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Credentials demonstrate that a candidate's skills meet the industry's established standards
Each credential requires a performance and theory test
STEM high schools - students with talents in math and science early in their life plans
Project Lead the Way, the leading provider of STEM curriculum
Why am I looking?
Less productive traditional means of recruitment
Average age of workforce = 51 yrs
Skills Gap:
Technical tracks in high schools are disappearing
Thinking long-term
Hiring younger to capitalize on knowledge base we have now
Build partnerships with strategic organizations in the community
Find a pipeline of candidates for apprenticeship program
Sneak Peek
A General Partnership
A mutually beneficial partnership with almost immediate results
An Active Partnership
An engaged relationship with a richer pipeline of future motivated manufacturing candidates
A Job Placement Partnership
For our openings now
The Result
A Reminder
Internship Project Outline
Manufacturing Training Programs
Military Leadership
The Takeaway: What I Learned
The Transformation
Sneak Peek
Military Leadership
Identify military talent programs across North America for identifying and recruiting individuals for technical manufacturing, operations leadership positions
"Leadership is the capacity and will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence" - Bernard Montgomery, British Field Marshall
There are many reasons why companies are seeking out veterans
Management skills
Teamwork experience
Respect for procedures
The Beginning:
I started with an initial search
Military recruiting firms, veteran employment agencies/services, and any other services available
Meetings with Joyce
These helped me realize I could go beyond simply searching for new resources to recruit veterans
How do we recruit military now?
10 metro areas identified for further recruiting outreach efforts
Chicago area: Corey Jensen, Alsip
DirectEmployers Association Job Syndication Alliances
Military Network Sites
All these resources are at our disposal. Yet we're lacking for veteran candidates
Up to the hiring manager to take advantage of the resources
Thank You
Works Cited
The Takeaway
Internship Objectives
Build a solid foundation of Human Resources knowledge during these 3 months so as to define the core characteristics of the field
Compare my skill sets and personality against that which is demonstrated as necessary for a successful career in Human Resources to determine my candidacy
Develop key experiences throughout the internship that will make me marketable no matter my ultimate career trajectory
#1: HR Foundation
Tracking out-of-process applicants
Manually adding candidates and positions to PCR
Placing candidates in positions and closing positions
Tracking hiring processes through Applicant Tracking forms
Kronos Workforce Timekeeper Interface
Family and Medical Leave Act - 12 weeks of unpaid leave
Fair Labor Standards Act - national minimum wage
Company Policies
Anti-bribery global compliance
Global business ethics
Global confidentiality
Anixter's Government Policy: Prohibition of Gifts to/from Government Personnel
Name change through HR Services Procedure
Cognitive and Personality Assessments
Predictive Index Pattern Assessments
HR Survey of division hiring managers about quality of service of temp. agency
H, S, & E Compliance
Compliance signage - concealed weapons
Set up telephone interviews
Sat in on three telephone interviews
Research on out-of-process automated notification processes
Writing and communication to professionals in different Anixter divisions and programs in the community
Cross-examination research
Weekly status update meetings with Joyce
#2: Comparing My Skill Sets
Communication Skills
Fluency of ideas in both writing and verbal communication
Ability to speak with diverse groups of people
Active listening skills
Emotional maturity
Complex problem-solving skills
Inductive reasoning
#3: Key Experiences
Office Experience
Writing professional emails
Communicating with senior management
Presenting to senior management and executives
Community outreach research
Excel functions
Status meetings
A National Private Recruiting Firm
Orion International
"Strengthening the fabric of America by providing leadership to America's companies"
America's largest military recruiting firm
"Orion Consulting Group places military officers into ranks of company management as manufacturing, engineering, or operations supervisors" - Inc. Magazine
Have a pool of more than 30,000 active job seekers at any given time
Network within the Department of Defense
"98% of our candidates say they would recommend our services to a friend or colleagues, and 90% say our services are better than our competitors" (Orion Int.).
Headquarters: Cary NC
Midwest Office Location: West Chester, OH
Chicago hiring conferences
Orion International has achieved tremendous success in placing veterans into manufacturing positions
Operations Leadership
Maintenance and Maintenance Management
Quality Engineering and Improvement
Logistics and Transportation
Contingent Fee-Per-Hire Recruiting
Regional Hiring Conferences - Interview high-caliber officers and NCOs prescreened and matched to specific criteria
"Many of our clients that attend these events are looking for a single opening recruiting process"
Mini-Conference - Private on-site events, created for clients with multiple and high-volume needs
Direct Submittal - pre-arranged interviews for clients who are time restricted
A Local Nonprofit Recruiting Agency
workNet DuPage
" Developing Illinois' workforce by serving businesses and job seekers"
Part of the statewide Illinois workNet initiative as a Comprehensive One-Stop Career Center
Supported by the following:
Illinois Department of Employment Security
Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs
Illinois Department of Human Services
DuPage County Workforce Development Division (WDD)
"To provide job seekers with the job search tools they need for successful employment, and to help local businesses develop their workforce and hire local talent" (worknetdupage.net).
WorkNet DuPage Career Center makes it easy for employers to connect with DuPage area talent
Job postings - reach a large pool of local talent
Employer meet & greet - 5-7 employers from the same industry meet with job seekers
Services free of charge - workNet DuPage is funded in large part by tax dollars
The Veterans Employment Representative works on both the supply and demand side of recruitment
Cornel Thomas

Many national private recruiting firms available
Pros and Cons
+ Specialized to veterans employment
+ Size, scope, and capability
Recruiting power
Amount and customization of services
- Pricey
- Time intensive
Travel, conferences, tours
A few local nonprofit agencies available
Pros and Cons
+ Federal government services
+ Local candidates
+ Less expensive
- Smaller candidate pool
- Focus on providing broad services to all unemployed
A single veteran representative
Techniques to Cater to Veterans
Diving Deeper into Resources
We Already Have
Modifying the Way
We Post
How do we recruit military now?
10 metro areas identified for further outreach recruiting efforts
Corey Jensen in Chicago area
DirectEmployer Association Job Syndication Alliance
Military Network Sites
Military Network Sites:
CASY/National Guard Employment Program
Hero 2 Hired
My Next Move for Veterans - U.S. DOL/ETA
Save Our Veterans
USA Cares
US.jobs Veterans
Veteran's Enterprize
VetJobs 720
WorkInIllinois Veterans
All have an Anixter presence
What can we do to dive deeper into the resources available to us?
Take a look at new capabilities of search engines already posting our job announcements

Hero 2 Hired
"Making it easy for service members to connect
to and find jobs with military-friendly companies"
A DirectEmployer networking site already posting Anixter job announcements
Owned and operated by the Office of the Secretary of Defense
Also funded by
The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program
The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve
Supported by all 5 branches of the U.S. military

How we use H2H now
PCR, our HR Information System, sends automated postings to job board
How we CAN use H2H
Allow automated postings from PCR like we already do
Capitalize on the other available capabilities of the site by:
Using its free social networking features to build Anixter Fastener's online presence
Sending invitations to more passive veteran job seekers to view job announcements
Using the powerful search functions to set match criteria to our specifications
How to begin
Make a free account on H2H website
No interference with current application process
PCR's automated job announcements on website take prospective applicants to Anixter's website to apply directly
Military Occupational Specialty Codes
United States Military Occupational Specialty Codes (MOS)
Or Military Occupational Classification Codes
All 5 branches of the military use MOSs to identify a specific job, though the codes are different depending on the branch
O*Net Online offers a Military to Civilian Crosswalk
Helps veterans better understand the correlation between their military training and the civilian career available
MOSs by Branch:
Civilian Job Keywords
Logistics, Machinist, Warehouse Distribution
94H Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Maintenance Support Specialist
88H Cargo Specialist
3051 Warehouse Clerk
3052 Packing Specialist
3010 Ground supply Operations Officer - Storage and Distribution
2161 Machinist
3112 Distribution Management Specialist
MM Machinist's Mate
MR Machinery Repairman
Air Force
2R Maintenance Management
2S Material Manager - Shipping, Receiving, and Traffice Clerks
2T Traffic Manager - Shipping, Receiving, and Traffic Clerks
MOSs by Civilian Position:
Maintenance Technician
94 Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Maintenance Support Specilist - Army
MR Machinery Repairman - Navy
2R Maintennce Management - Air Force
2161 Machinist - Marine
MM Machinist's Mate - Navy
Warehouse Manager/Supervisor
88H Cargo Specialist - Army
3051 Warehouse Clerk - Marine
3052 Packing Specialist - Marine
3010 Ground Supply Operations Officers Storage and Distribution - Marine
3112 Sistribution Management Specialist - Marine
2161 Major Project Manager - Navy
2S Material Manager - Shipping, Receiving, and Traffic Clerks - Air Force
2T Traffic Manager - Shipping, Receiving, and Traffic Clerks - Air Force
MOS Example using H2H
A Hybrid Approach
College of DuPage
"Preparing students to enter the manufacturing industry"
Gives students a broad background in the areas of machining, drafting, and fluid systems
"Emphasis on the foundation of 'traditional machining'"
Every student, regardless of degree or certificate program, must complete Machine Shop I
Courses include:
Chair and Professor of Manufacturing Technologies at Oakton Community College, Dave Geller for manufacturing basics
Students have been hired as:
Machine operators
Machine maintenance personnel
Quality control personnel
Business Partnerships:
Businesses send COD individuals for specialized training or all of their training
Coordinator of Manufacturing Technologies at COD
"I would again extend an invitation for you and your team to visit our facility. We look forward to working with your company to provide a skilled workforce!" - Jim Filipek
Austin Polytechnical
The only CPS high school dedicated to teaching students manufacturing skills
Sponsored by the Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council and partners
Students can earn up to 5 NIMS credentials
~25/50 graduates earns 2+
Students from APA have:
A high school diploma
Basic manufacturing knowledge
Well-rounded education
Including English classes
Emphasis on accountability and dedication
Attendance policy and loss of program privileges
APA asks their partners to take an active role in the development of their students
Monetary contribution or $750+ annually
Minimum of 1 visit per year to the school
Individualized plans of partnership
Field trips to our plant
Internships and shadowing opportunities
Job shadows
Spring Break internships
Junior year summer jobs
Partner Advisory Group
Opportunity to tap into APA Alum pool
"Working together to help you improve your bottom line by upgrading the skills and competencies of your workforce"
ManufacturingWorks is the regional manufacturing business intermediary of the nonprofit Chicago-Cook Workforce Partnership
As of Oct. 2011 Chicago-Cook Workforce Partnership is now the combined effort of the former Chicago, Northern Cook, and Southern Cook Workforce Investment Areas
Wood Dale leadership team met with some of their reps. in June
Mission: "To revitalize and strengthen the manufacturing workforce development community by understanding 'advanced manufacturing' and the specific needs of the regions' manufacturing employers" (WBC).
Services include:
One-on-one candidate soft skill assessment
Customized position specific hands-on testing
On the job training programs
Performance Based Testing Platform on all potential referrals
Mouth swab drug testing
Reference Checks
Work Opportunity Tax Credit check
Government incentive eligibility check
No fee to the employer
Paid by Chicago-Cook Workforce Partnership
Partners with 46 regional training programs and 51 area high schools including:
College of DuPage
Austin Polytechnical Academy
Jane Addams Resource Corporation
City Colleges of Chicago
Regional high schools with machine shops
But much of their services duplicate our own processes
One-on-one candidate soft skill assessment
mouth swab drug testing
Reference checks
Reverse referral

Blueprint Reading
Industrial Design
Technical Mathematics
Technical Mechanics
Physical Metallurgy
Advanced Machine Processes
Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
Advisory Committee:
Tells COD what is current in the industry and what to expect
Evaluates program by hiring their students and then giving feedback on what they do well and where they need improvement
Manufacturing Technology
Associate in Applied Science
& Certificate
Mayor Emanuel announces
$1.25 million in TIF funds to go to APA
manufacturing program
Nov. 13, 2012
PBS News Hour
Dec. 1, 2010
-Tony Garritano
The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)
Aug, 27, 2013
Hiring Benchmarks - OFCCP announced their Final Rule on the Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act which requires government contractors, like Anixter, to establish an annual hiring benchmark for protected veterans equal to the national percentage of veterans in the civilian labor force, about 8%.
Currently active contract with Orion
Feedback from Corey Jensen
Direct Submittal
Strong skill set but their presentation could be tweaked
Hiring Conferences
Conferences are pushed by reps
Candidates receive more coaching and subsequently present better
Take another look at the contract
Choice between direct submittal or attending a hiring conference

The Next Steps
Manufacturing Programs
College of DuPage
Jim Filipek: filipek@cod.edu
Coordinator of Mfg. Tech.
Deeman: deeman@cod.edu
Employment Development Specialist
Austin Polytechnical Academy
Bill Vogel: (773) 534-6326
Industry Coordinator
Military Leadership
Orion International
Shane Bishop: (513) 459-8311 x354
Business Partner
WorkNet DuPage
Cornel Thomas: (630) 495-5781
Hero 2 Hired
Sign up for an account
Employer User Guide
MOS Codes
Codes Specific to Wood Dale
Recommendations Overview
Manufacturing Partnerships
College of DuPage (COD)
Austin Polytechnical Academy
Job Placement
Military Leadership
National Private Recruiting Firm
Orion International
Local Nonprofit Recruiting Agency
workNet DuPage
Catering to Veterans
Hero 2 Hired
MOS Codes
-Government Executive
Department of Manufacturing Technology
COD Partnership
My Background
Born and bred a Michigander
University of Michigan
Bachelor's in English and Spanish
Avid runner
My future...
Similar manufacturing requirements
Certificate students
Why not just partner with ManufacturingWorks?

Benefits of a Hybrid Approach
Spread the wealth
protects us against program concerns
Develop a working one-on-one relationship with programs
Intrinsic benefits
Join manufacturing communities / networks
Build Anixter presence in the community
Energize workforce with young interns and job shadow experiences
Benefits of an APA Partnership
Manufacturing community
Students' interaction at Anixter
Infusion of energy
Transfer of knowledge
Anixter management's interaction at the school
Fresh perspectives
Next Steps
Bill Vogel: bvogel@mfgren.org
Industry Coordinator
Benefits of a COD Partnership
An immediate pipeline of certificate students
Possible training opportunities
Next Steps
Jim Filipek: filipek@cod.edu
Coordinator of Manufacturing Technology
Peter Deeman: deeman@cod.edu
Employment Development Specialist
Benefits of a ManufacturingWorks Partnership
Activate all available funding
Possible use of reverse referral
Greater network of resources
Next Steps
Tony Garritano: tony@idpl.org
Benefits of an Orion Int. Partnership
Experience and success placing manufacturing leadership
Currently active contract
Direct submittal and Chicago hiring conferences
Next Steps
Shane Bishop: (513) 459-8311 x354
Benefits of a workNet Partnership
Local talent
Veterans Employment Representative dedicated to DuPage county
Services free of charge
Next Steps
Cornel Thomas: (630) 495-5781
Veterans Employment Rep.
Benefits of Modifying the Way We Post
Helps veterans understand
Makes jobs searches easier
=>Brings more qualified veterans to our website
Next Steps
MOS Codes Specific to Wood Dale document
Catering to Vets Resources tab in database
Benefits of Diving Deeper into Resources
Ease of use
Interaction with more passive veteran candidates
No interference with current processes
Next Steps
Account Sign-up Link
Employer User Guide
Catering to Vets Resources tab in database
I'd like to thank the following people:
All who came to my presentation today
Those who helped me understand the Fasteners Division and Anixter
Program contacts
Rod Smith, Rick Mansfield, and Joyce Heiss for giving me the chance to do this work
Joyce Heiss for her continual support and guidance
Full transcript