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Skye Hawkins

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of ETSLS

The Idea Angela Hucles Forming a Team Implementation Title IX: Then and Now
Sports Nutrition: Proper Fueling
Thinking and Performing Like An Elite Athlete
Leadership & Collaboration
Psychology & Sports
Goal Setting & Action Planning
Body Image & Disordered Eating
Media & Sports
Sport for Good
Yoga: Mind & Body Connection
Zumba What People Are Saying 100% of the girls said they would recommend an ETS conference to a friend. 87% of those girls said they would highly recommend it! Moving Forward January 12, 2013 Boston Conference Greta Teller • Foster discussion and interaction between youth, parents and professionals on specific topics of leadership, sports and nutrition

• Motivate youth to take lessons learned from the conference and apply them in their daily lives to be examples to others​

• Encourage parents to support their daughters in positive ways both on and off the field as it applies to education, nutrition and sports 100% of parents & coaches said they felt they could apply what they learned to their own work with female athletes (80% highly agreed with this)! Adults said they learned...
"...ways to stay strong and positive"
"...to identify a coach's philosophy and vision for an individual/team"
"...how to really listen to players" Adults said...
"I would love to bring this information to a bigger audience."
"Fabulous! Highly engaging experience!"
"Please keep this going and invite all of us again!"
"This will be HUGE for 12-16 year old girls in the future." Girls said they learned...
"...that setting goals is very important, and they change as you change"
"...how to become a better athlete and take my soccer to the next level."
"...that I am amazing. And if I want, I can do anything I set my mind to."
"...how to stand out."
"...that no matter how much skill I have and how much hard work I put in, I need to have a good attitude or it won't pay off." Girls said...
"It inspired me to keep doing my sports and to do better in school."
"I enjoyed the simple fact that girl athletes are being acknowledged without being compared to boys or anything/anyone but ourselves."
"It was inspiring to hear how the people who actually got to the elite level got there... and how they struggled as well."
"It was so much fun to meet all of these successful women!"
"I enjoyed the whole day and learned so many new things that I will carry with me through my entire life."
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