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Forrest Gump Analysis

No description

Matthew D

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of Forrest Gump Analysis

Chapter 1
1. Analogy:
simile (saying something is LIKE something else)
"Life is like a box of chocolates" - Forrest Gump
chocolates are
Chapter 1
2. Identity:
metaphor (saying something IS something else)
feather (floats around at the beginning and end of movie)
accept things that we know are nonsense
conversations of life/literature are different
Chapter 4
Author cannot control the meaning

Like Life

Chapter 3
The Feather:
• “I don’t know if we each have a destiny or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze. But I think maybe it’s both.”
-the feather floats in the wind, symbolizing tranquility and peacefulness
The Leg Brace:
• symbolizes restraint and confinement
• freedom (after leg brace breaks while Forrest runs)
The Box of Chocolates:
• simplicity of life and the fact that you cannot predict the future but you can still accomplish so much if just let it be
-“life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
The Shrimps:
• symbolize work ethic being necessary to achieve your dreams
• there are many obstacles in life you have to pass through before you can see the results of your effort

Perspective Growth
Mrs. Gump (Forrest Gump’s Mother):
-Forrest Gump’s mentor and main inspiration
-responsible for his upbringing

Bubba (Forrest’s best friend):
-meets him in the military
-because of their friendship, Forrest learns about loyalty

-the love of Forrest’s life
-she is a person who gave Forrest influence in every scene

Lieutenant Dan (Forrest’s military friend):
-deeply bitter, suffering
*gives Forrest a greater perspective of how other people think, gives him the opportunity to help transform Lt. Dan's suffering into peace and happiness

Chapter 6
- Literature trains/ improves the imagination
- Emotion and reason in everything we do
- Choose what fits into our vision of society
- How to accept/ reject
Chapter 1

3 Levels of Language:

1. Consciousness and awareness - his life as a child, bus ride
2. Common sense - running away from the bullies
3. Imagination - wanting to join the army, get a shrimp boat

- saying the right thing at the right time is better
than the truth
- Mrs. GUmp slept with the principal
in order for her son to get into school
- literature = life experience
- Forrest Joining the army, which taught him to imagine himself getting his own fishing boat
- forrest joining the army, going on his run,
and constantly going after jenny
- When forrest aquired his leg braces,
people looked at him differently
-Forrest getting injured, was introduced to ping-pong
Chapter 2 - Archetypes
- does everything with a good heart
- keeps an optimistic outlook
- sees the good in others
- generous in giving
- goal: to be happy and live life the best he can

- abandoned by his father at a young age
- not a ordinary child
- patronized by others
- wants to fit in
- doesn’t like it when people call him stupid
- said “Stupid is as stupid does.”
└> (His way of saying
everyone is equal)
Loss and Regaining of Identity (Jenny)
- has a great and happy childhood with Forrest Gump
- their relationship becomes distant as he moves away
- jumps from one social group to another
- gets an abusive boyfriend
- never really finds her place
- can't decide what she wants in life
- looses herself and almost commits suicide
- finally finds her place with Forrest
- marries Forrest, regains her identity, and becomes happy
- sadly once she finds her happiness, she dies

Hero’s Journey/Cycle
• unusual birth (special needs)
• doesn’t fit in
• call for adventure - (running from bullies, his leg braces snap of, discovers his love for running, and realizes in life there are no limitations)

• Leaves home to start his journey
• joins the army
• mentor (Lieutenant Dan)
• Faced with many test/trials
└> fitting in the war (saving Lieutenant Dan)
└> becomes a Ping-Pong champion
└> creates a shrimp company
└> battles with his moms death

• Allotment battle
└> Jenny comes back, but then leaves him, saying she’s no good for him
└> he battles his loneliness and sorrow by doing what he loves most, running
└> runs for 3 years until he thinks it’s time to stop
• comes back to find out he is a father and that Jenny still loves him
• goes home to live with Jenny and the kid
• gets married to Jenny
• finds happiness in the idea of being a dad
• spends the rest of his life in peace as a stay a home parent
- FOrrest's experiences helped him envision his life, much like how literature Helps improve our imagination
Chapter 5
In Literature:

heroes are pure/ideal
simple, relaxing
order chaos order
triumph/happy ending
In Forrest Gump:

Forrest is very easy to relate to, pure
simple storyline, easy to follow
he grows up, mother dies, carries on with his life, reunites with jenny, jenny dies, raises son
receives a son who is smart
"You'll find that analogy, or likeness to something else, is very tricky to handle in description, because the differences are as important as the resemblances. As for the metaphor, where you're really saying 'this is that,' you're turning your back on logic and reason completely, because logically two things can never be the same things and still remain two things."
Odysseus & Forrest GUmp
- ten eventful years
- encounter with the Polypemus (the Cyclopes)
- The Laestrygonians, a kingdom of cannibals
- Journey to the Underworld
- The Scylla (6-headed beast)
- Returns home to Ithica, Greece
Forrest Gump is a simple man with a low I.Q. but with good intentions.
He is running through childhood with his best and only friend Jenny.
His 'mama' teaches him the ways of life and leaves him to choose his destiny.
Forrest joins the army for service in Vietnam, finds new friends while winning medals, creates a famous shrimp fishing fleet, inspires people to jog, starts a ping-pong craze, creates the smiley, writes bumper stickers and songs, donates to people and meets the president several times.
However, this is all irrelevant to Forrest who can only think of his childhood sweetheart Jenny Curran, Who has messed up her life.
in the end all he wants to prove is that anyone can love anyone.
The Vocation of Eloquence
The Motive for Metaphor
The Singing School
Giants in Time
The Key to Dreamland
Verticals of Adam
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