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No description

Mattison Hiebner

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of iPhone

iPhone The iPhone was invented
in 2007 by Steve Jobs The iPhone was invented
in 2007 by Steve Jobs The iPhone originated
from the iPod After the shuffle came the nano Second Generation Third Generation Fourth
Generation Fifth Generation The fifth generation looks like the
fourth generation.... except it has a
video camera on the back The iPhone consists of
3 different sensors The first sensor is
the proximity and
ambient light sensor Shortly after the last iPod was
created (iPod Touch)in April 2007
the iPhone came out in June. The first time anyone heard of the
iPhone was in January when Apple Inc.
introduced it at the Macworld convention. The first sensor
is the proximity
sensor This sensor turns off the display
screen when the face is by the
phone during phone calls 2 Proximity sensors
- hard to see The third sensor is
the ambient light sensor This sensor adjusts
the brightness of the
screen to save battery. Ambient light
sensor iPhone Parts The back of the phone was first made out of aluminum but now is
made out of plastic. Plastic backs The iPhone also has
a virtual keyboard
and touchscreen A virtual keyboard
allows the user to
enter numbers, letter,
and all other keyboard
functions. They also have an
internal rechargable
battery. The reason Steve discovered the iPhone
was because he ordered
his team of engineers
to look into the touchscreens. The iPhone also has
a camera on the back, a
portable video player,
and the ability to search
the web

The second sensor is a
3-axis accelerometer

This sensor allows the user
to switch from portrait to
landscape mode easily Fast Facts There are approximately
6.4 million iPhones
active in the U.S. the iPhone was named
invention of the year in
2007 by Time magazine In 2009 the iPhone
was released in 7
different countries Now there are over 100,000
different applications. Some useful.... .....and some not so useful THE END! First Generation The first iPod to come
out was the shuffle. Shuffle iTouch THE END!
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