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Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

Novel Study

Hannah Mildon

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

Pg 29 - 55
We want you Back

Pg 57 - 75
"You Must come to England"
pg 77 - 104
pg 107 - 126
By Michael Morpurgo
When the stars begin to fall

pg 9 - 28
Inferring: Why is Matt worried about Aman? Use words in the text to help you
Questions I have

Describe the relationship between Matt and his Grandpa
Counting the stars
pg 117- 126
pg 127 - 135
"Quite a hero"
pg 137-156
"The whole story, I need the whole story."
pg 185 - 207
Predict using clues in the text, why Aman was upset after looking at the photo.
Summarise what happened in this chapter
Predict. Do you think Aman will sell his dog? Why or why not?
List what you have learned about each character:
Amans Mother
The people stood at their doors and looked at us WARILY? What does this mean? Can you think of any other words that mean the same thing?
Visualise and draw a picture of what is happening in the chapter. Take a photo and insert it here:
What connections can you make with the text? Think about what you have experienced, read or watched.
Read your favourite paragraph, use expression and change your pitch and volume to suit the text. Record using Vocaroo and copy and paste here:
Stop and Reflect
Have you answered the questions you had at the beginning of the book?
Locked up
pg 209-218
What emotions are Aman and his Family showing in this chapter?
"We're going to do it!" and "Shooting Stars"
pg 221 - 239
Why is Aman and his mother not allowed to leave?
Write your own persuasive Newspaper article about why Aman and his mother should be let out of Yarls Wood.
"Just two of them and a dog."
Pg 241 - 265

Protesting. Find out what this word means.
Who is protesting and why?
Singing in the Rain
pg 253 - 265
Summarise the chapter using Key points
You have finished!
Did you enjoy the book? What was your favourite part? Who would you recommend the book to?
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