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Azer Taran

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of WATER CYCLE

By Azer & Novaldo
On a warm sunny day, water in a glass of water seems to slowly disappear. this is because the energy from the sun is heating the water up and turning the liquid water into water vapor. This process is called Evaporation. When the water evaporates, it becomes an invisible gas in the atmosphere. Evaporation takes places all over the earth, but especially in the oceans or lakes where there is lots of water
Basic water cycle
The total amount of water on Earth has remained for thousands of years. This means that the only water we will ever have, we have right now. This fact shows us that water on Earth is not increased or even decreased, it's because there is a process that called “Water cycle”. This presentation will provide information more about the water cycle.

As the water vapor rises, it cools off and condenses into water droplets. if the water vapor becomes extremely cold, it will form ice crystals. As the water droplets or ice crystals grow bigger and more numerous, they form clouds.
If water droplets or ice crystals become too heavy, they cannot stay in the air. They will start to fall down from the sky to the ground. This process is called Precipitation. Water droplets precipitate as rain and ice crystals precipitate as snow. Sometimes, the rain freezes before it hits the ground and precipitates as hail.
This precipitation gathers into streams and rivers that flow down to the lakes and oceans. Some of the water seeps down into the ground and collects in the space between rocks and soil underground as Groundwater. This process called Collection, but when the water seeps down into the ground, the process is called Infiltration.
Not all of the water makes it back to the oceans and lakes right away. Some of it is used by animals, plants and human and some is frozen into glaciers. Eventually, we breathe the water out and the glaciers melt, releasing the water back into the water cycle.
Mr. Jalapeno
Sun is the main energy in this planet. it gives energy to living beings. It also gives energy in form of heat to evaporate the water in earth. Evaporation is the first process which start the whole process of water cycle. As long as the sun still shining and provide energy and heats, This process will be continue over and over all the time.
Mr. Ice shroom
huuft, it's hot !!!
Waterbending !
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