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East African Region

No description

Chris Pinkos

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of East African Region

East africa
by:chris and corey Physical Geography Location-Burundi, Comoros, Djbouti, Erita, Ethiopea, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritus, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda Lakes, rivers, valleys, and highlands Hot; Cool in highlands Blended heritages of Africa and Asia Traditional People Asian and Arabic speaking people
A few successful asian merchants Most people on Madagascar and
Mauritius are descendants of Southeast
Asian or Indian immigrants Highly diverse ethnic groups Who are they? What are they like? Isalm isn't common south of the Sahel Modern day Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia are
Muslim nations Issues surviving the modern world? Lots of ethnic violence More than 400,000 people have been killed Government Types of government? Democracy Transitional Are the governments effective? I do not think that the democratic government in East Africa is effective. The reason why I do not think the democratic government is effective is because in the textbook it says,"Ethnic Violence" and "Conflict in the Horn and Sudan". There is also another kind of government, the Transitional government, but it has been struggling. None of these governments have been effective, there is a lot of ethnic violence. In 2003 the violence broke out in Western Sudan. The United States government called it a genocide. More than four million people have been killed and a little more than two and a half million people have lost their homes. These are some of the many reasons why the Democratic and Transitional governments are not effective. Popular Culture What are these countries like today? Sudan and Somalia have been in a conflict Kenya has been developing Uganda is now big in herding Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda are in the East African Community and Rwanda and Burundi are also interested in joining it Ethiopia has been suffering from long Civil Wars Eritrea is trying to become independent I wouldn't like to visit the East African countries today.I wouldn't want to go there because of all the ethnic violence. I don't plan on ending up in a hospital on a trip because I got caught in a fight that was based on my ethnicity. Also, I have no idea where I would stay. About 2.5 million people have lost their homes and I imagine that there are not a lot of hotels. If I did go there, however, I would be very scared of a terrorist the whole time. The instability of the East African nations has created a haven for them. For all I know, my neighbor might be one. Would I like to visit this area today? http://go.grolier.com/ Citations https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/
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