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My Little Pony

No description

Jeffrey Christopher

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of My Little Pony

Characteristics of the
average participant all enjoy watching My Little Pony
these people are in the industry (animation wise) or artists
appreciate other cartoon's and/or anime's
interested in the more complicated parts of the show How the media/counter cultures
represents the group labelled as a homosexual and mentally disabled
man children and socially 'unacceptable' for a gender role in society
socially queer
religiously addicted to the show
unintelligent Location equestria daily, reddit, 4chan, deviantart, tumblr, youtube (animation), 4chan
American (62%), British (26%), Canadian (6%), Other (6%) Activities Rise to "Fame" Impacts some artists start drawing because of the show and the appreciation that other artists have displayed
art is only possible when the artists is inspired and many artists are capable of drawing things that are more 'impressive' than just fan art
many brony artists have taken up drawing again after watching the show and viewing some of the subculture's artwork
making a living as an artist is difficult and the show has opened up an enormous amount of commission work quick analysis of one of the main characters:
The character Rarity is a representation of the element of generosity and is seemingly the most feminine character on the show since she is very dramatic and retains a job in the fashion industry. She is very much involved with haute culture and aspires to run her fashion shop in Canterlot (think of London and Paris combined for ponies). Her personality can be self absorbed and shows many flaws such as the other characters in the show. On any other cartoon she would most likely be portrayed as the antagonist and also breaks the stereotypical representation(pretty and such). When ever the character deals with her job in the fashion industry she deals with dead lines, unsatisfied clients and the pressure of impressing the public. (Rarity is best pony) Hate Comments Brony Artists Generation One
Mid 8o's Generation Two
1998 Generation Three
2003 - 2009 Generation Four
2010-Present 3.5 Lauren Faust BlackGryph0n, animator and musician producing art (personal, requests, commissions)
livestreams (watching how other artists draw and getting their work critiqued)
watching the show,
attending conventions and selling their artwork, viewing other art,
general chat boards History Premiered on October 10, 2010
Development started in 2008
a total of 65 episodes with a 4th season in production
the show airs in 26 different languages Production 84% heterosexual, 1.7% homosexual, 10.3% Bisexual and 3.8% Asexual
most fans of the show are not mentally disabled
Daniel Richards (brony with asperger's) found that he could fight his illness while in the presence of other fans
the fandom challenges our perception of what a male gender role should be
gender roles have been an ever changing factor in society such as women working and even wearing pants
the perception of what is considered socially acceptable is always changing and it is possible that the brony culture is leading the path in the male gender role
some of the more extroverted bronies are deemed as socially queer but it is a small percentage of the population (artists not notably these types)
27.5% completed High School, 41.2% were currently in college, and 27.7% completed college The Truth some characters get more content
different medias used in art get more attention
digital work usually gets more praise and is the most popular media that is used by brony artists
not all of the art is shown accurately and many are inaccurate portrayals Bias the show was first heard by a male audience on 4chan
known for some of the Internet's distasteful content
the posted was made out to the /co/ board (comics and cartoons) as a joke saying the first episode was up as well there was an article shaming the show and talking about how it was the end to a creative driven era in animation
out of curiosity some users gave it a watch and was surprised at the quality of the show and started to create lots of posts with pictures of ponies
pony posts hit the general board know as /b/ and were not welcoming to the this new fanbase
eventually all pony related content was banned causing bronies to relocate and create new websites that would expand
eventually the ban was lifted and they earned their own board
to this day the brony fanbase is still expanding Why so popular? the show was made by a team which put a lot of effort and care into the development
it shows!
excels at animation, writing, characters, voice acting, continuity
there is such a massive amount of people who are passionate about the show and create awesome content
obviously the cartoon is still aimed at a younger audience and is not completely tailored for adults but is one of a kind in the animation industry today Rarity is best pony creator of the show
part of the development of the The Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
originally pitched her own show idea called Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls but Hasbro wanted her to work on and already developed franchise and asked her to 'reboot' My Little Pony
Faust wanted to challenge what the franchise originally stood for and the stereotype that it had buried itself in
although the target audience was for girls she aimed to create a show that will appeal parents and wanted to respect the viewer's intelligence
she continually works to have strong female leads in all of her animated shows
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