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From Research to Argument

No description

David Boyles

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of From Research to Argument

From Research to Argument

17 November
David Boyles
ENG 101

Peer Review
"I Say"
My own view is that ________. Though I concede that ________, I still maintain that ____________. For example, ___________. Although some may object that ____________, I reply that _____________. This issue is important because ______________.
In-Class Writing
How succesful have you been at answering your research questions?

Have your research questions changed at all? If so, how?

What research do you still need to do?
"They Say"
Peer Review
Find a partner who is working on a different research question and trade paragraphs. Read your partner's paragraph and answer the following.
Using the following template, summarize the conversation around your issue that has emerged from your research.
In recent discussions of _______, a controversial issue has been whether ____________. On the one hand, some argue that ____________. On the other hand, however, others argue that ____________. Another perspective is that _____________. In the words of one of this view's proponents, "____________." In sum, the issue is _________________.
Based on this paragraph, do you believe you have a good understanding of the conversation around this issue? Why or why not?

How could the paragraph be improved?
Complete the following paragraph based on where your opinion currently stands in the conversation.
Trade paragraphs with the same partner.
Does the paragraph present a response to the conversation that both demonstrates a good understanding of others' views and adds to the conversation. Why or why not?

How could it be improved?
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