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Koala Bear

No description

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Koala Bear

Koala bears live in southern Australia in the forests.
Where do Koala's Live?
Koala's eat mostly Eucalyptus trees. It's pretty much the only thing in their diet. This contributes to their endangerment because there is a shortage of Eucalyptus trees.
What are koala's predators?
Koala bears have many predators. They include dingoes, owls, lizards, foxes, and people. This contributes to their endangerment because their predators eat and kill them. Humans are running them over with cars and cutting down trees which are their homes.
Koala Bear
What do Koala's eat?
By Sadie Gjonaj

A map of southern Australia
Forest in Australia
Why Should humans be concerned about saving koalas?
Even though koala's aren't very important important to the environment humans should be concerned about saving this animal because koala's help trim trees and help the soil.
What is being done to save this animal?
Koala conservatory centers are planting more Eucalyptus trees and telling residents to keep their dogs contained. It is not working very successfully yet, but they hope to educate people about koala's.

Help save koalas!!
The Eucalyptus tree
Is this animal considered rare?
The koala is not considered rare but it is considered threatened. The koala foundation believes that they should be considered critically endangered.
How many offspring do koala's produce and how often?
Koala's will have one to two babies a year. Koala babies are called joeys. They are the size of jelly beans when born.
10 fun-facts about
Koalas are marupials and not bears
Koala means "animal that does not drink"
An adult koala usually weighs around 30 pounds
Koalas sleep for about 20 hours a day
Koalas are nocturnal
When koalas are born they are less than 1 inch in length
Koalas have similar fingerprints to humans
The closest living relative to a koala is the wombat
Koala fossils were found that were dated back to almost 20 million years ago
Koalas dont drink water, they just eat Eucalyptus leaves
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