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Data Presentation

Presentation of data from interview with the gatekeeper, survey, focus group, and photo voice

Shauna Ayres

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Data Presentation

Purpose Statement Findings: The purpose of our data collection is to gain a better understanding of what the target population (girls 12-18 years old) means by the term self-esteem, the best way to deliver the program, and their thoughts and feelings about having parental involvement in the program. Survey Focus Group Photo Voice 32 girls
average age: 12.69 yrs. old
standard deviation: 1.32
range: 11-17 yrs. old

All girls want a program that involves being active.

Liked the idea of interactive activities along with lectures. What is
self-esteem to you? Setting Parent
Involvement Willing to participate
in a focus group Best times for the most girls Data Collection Strategy Gatekeeper Interview Survey Focus Group PhotoVoice Results: Themes: 32 images received All 32 images were
positive #1-This is much harder than we thought it
would be! (14) #2-images of friends/family (18) #3-inspirational sayings (9) “The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.” (great exercise with even better pumpkin cookies) Found it difficult to draw out what the girls thought self-esteem
meant to them and what kind of programing they would find beneficial. Girls that participated in the photovoice took
self-esteem cues from their social network (friends/family) The organization has given us considerable latitude as to what we can do.

May not matter what we do as much as to how it is done

Girls can discuss self-esteem in general terms

Girls (teenagers) have some difficulty articulating thoughts and
beliefs about self-esteem on a personal level

The interaction between practicum group and the girls was in itself, a positive contributor to self-esteem.

Marketing the program will be important to program success. Make sure we have thought through the recruitment process completely. Where Do We Go from Here? What does the term self-esteem mean to you? "How you think about yourself, how you feel around other people, and if they bring you down a lot." "To me it means begin comfortable in your own skin, knowing who you are, and accepting it" "Kind of feel happy with your choices that you make" "I think being content with yourself is really important because when you are content with yourself, you are usually relaying that to other people around you in a confident way" ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
1. In a few sentence (or less ) please give us your definition of self esteem. (open ended)
2. When learning about self-esteem which setting do you prefer? (3 options + write in)
3. Do you think your parent's involvement would help you when learning about self-esteem? (Yes/No)
4. When I think of self-esteem I think of: (7 options, circle all that apply)
5. Would you be willing to sit down with us and your peers to help us gather some information on self-esteem? (Yes/No)
6. If so, what is the best time for you to meet with us? (6 options) Interview with the Gatekeeper Conclusions Survey Details Next Step Program Details References DuBois, D. L., Lockerd, E. M., Reach, K., & Parra, G. R. (2003). Effective strategies for esteem-enhancement: What do young adolescents have to say? The Journal of Early Adolescence, 23, 406-434. doi:10.1177/0272431603258346 Survey Questions: How old are you? under 12

Darn! 12 or older Great, would you be interested in taking a quick survey? "I guess I'm normal." "When you think your fat not pretty and stuff like that." "When your mad & you dont no what to do with it." "Whan you have that special spark." Methodology Who: Focus group participants, friends and guardians.
14 teenage girls ages 13-18 (avg. age 14.9; std-1.44).
5 mothers/guardians ages 29-38 (avg. age 35;std-3.56). How: Participants were asked to take photos of anything that affected
self esteem, negatively or positively. Images texted or emailed to a member of the practicum group. Participants had one week (7 days) to submit photos. "Covered the gray and then... ...sent my daughter this Mixed message? Probably,
but we both felt better." Focus Group Methods Who: Five girls from the ages of 12-17
What: Focus Group Interview Guide Consisted of 12 questions that we created.
Procedure: Participants volunteered for Focus Group through:
Survey that was filled out at GirlFest.
Text Messages
How: We recorded the full interview to ensure accuracy.
Where: Girl Scout Headquarters.
When: October 23, 2012 at 7:00pm. of girls thought it would be beneficial to have their mothers involved. Tend to like what they know but are willing to learn new things. How would you describe a person who has high self-esteem? "Really confident and sure of themselves"
"They are confident and don't look like they are scared"
"I just think that they are happy all of the time"
"Energetic" "I would prefer outside" "I hate sitting in the car driving to Oregon. It is super boring" "I don't like video games" "Rollerblading" "I would probably do rollerblading too" "I want to learn how to pitch" "Not constrained to a small space and seat belt" Overall the girls expressed self-esteem as being positive! 80% What: Shauna Ayres, Chris Bowden, Steph Perry, Kelli Teuscher Created by: Who: Where: What: How: When: Asked gatekeeper open ended questions Carly Cahoon, Steph Perry, Chris Bowden
Each interviewer took notes Bluestar Juice Bar and Coffee Cafe 30 August 2012 Findings "Self-esteem is so personal. Not being able to explain how they're feeling, let alone understand it, has to contribute to the confusion about what self-esteem is." What builds you up? What drags you down? What builds you up? What tears you down?
We had pizza, crafts, gave out iTunes Gift cards and made rings for each girl! Carly Cahoon Questions? Influence on the Program Discover You:
To Be Beautiful Means to Be Yourself
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