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Prejudice Persuasive Speech

No description

Nicole Osafo-Dedey

on 26 April 2015

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Transcript of Prejudice Persuasive Speech

Prejudice Speech
Argument #1
Increasing interracial and intercultural communication and partnership will ease racism.

People who refuse to tolerate and learn from others create problems in society and encourage harmful ideologies instead of peace in communities (Ikpa).
When it comes to any form of discrimination, awareness is key. The media and awareness groups can help bring awareness to show how people are still being discriminated against in America today (Gutierrez).
According to the Council on Size and Weight Discrimination organization, slightly heavier women make on average $1.25 less than a woman who weighs the “standard” weight.
Argument #2
Hundreds of countries are not protected by their government. Among all religions worldwide, in “(2006-2010) Christians were the most discriminated against group, experiencing harassment by the government” ("11 Facts About Religious Discrimination").

Religious discrimination has mental and physical effects such as depression and stress, along with anxiety. More prominent effects are inferiority, fear, and danger. ("The effects of racial, sexual, or religious discrimination").
Argument #2
Religious discrimination has a harmful effect on society and it is an ongoing issue. Throughout history religious discrimination has played a negative role.
Alvin Do
Bethany Ermias

Govina Etwaroo
, and
Nicole Osafo-Dedey

Argument #3
Argument #3
Argument #1
Hitler used propaganda to teach why Germans were a superior race. On page 9 of
by Elie Wiesel, Elie tells of how Moishe the Beadle said that the Fascist attacked Jewish stores and synagogues. So, these innocent people were harrassed just because of others' intolerance.
Counter Claim
Homosexuals struggle to fight for equality while many people frown on them just because of their different views and way of life.
The 1980s "were a period of intensified homophobia” (Bishopsgate Institute Blog). Society believed that every homosexual had HIV or AIDS.
Argument #2
In the nineteenth century, people labeled homosexuality as a disease (“Homosexuality”).

In the late nineties, only about twenty-seven percent of Americans supported gay marriage; fast forward to sixteen years later, nearly forty-nine percent support gay marriage ("By the Numbers: Gay Rights and Marriage").
The gap increases when family status comes into play. Married men on average make about $985 a week compared to a married woman’s $768, and if you’re a single woman, $665
On page 18 of
by Elie Wiesel, all the Jews were forced to leave their homeland Sighet by policemen. This creates an understanding that the Jews were captured for no other reason than religion based discrimination.
Page 51 includes a Jewish dentist who devotes himself into protecting his block; he is easy going with some patients, but only those who are Jews.
To speculate, from the reading of
by Elie Wiesel, Hitler's prejudice would have caused him to think homosexuals as inferior, like he thought of Jews as inferior.
The biggest wage gap is in the financial industry. Women earn $0.71 to every $1 men earn
Counter Claim
Many people have unreasonable support for their prejudice toward homosexuals, and society needs to open their minds to the idea of homosexuality.
makes a clear distinction between the importance of men and women in the Jewish community.
Men and women were separated in the concentration camp; men worked while sometimes the females were used as objects for pleasure.
We as a society need to make a stand against prejudice and eradicate prejudice because it creates harmful effects on society and misconceptions of certain groups.
People need to disparage the preconceived thoughts of others that they receive by instinct and habit.
Prejudice affects everyone. Anywhere you go, people will look at you a certain way because of prejudice.
Discrimination and prejudice results in feelings of inferiority by the affected groups.
We must eradicate prejudice because the harmful effects on society have overwhelmed groups affected by it.
If prejudice continues, many people will feel depressed and might exclude themselves from society because they feel scared of facing discrimination and prejudice in society.
Racial Profiling
Homosexual Discrimination
If society tolerates different races, conflict will decrease.
On page 11, all Jews are forced to give up all valuables and wear a yellow star. This is unjust and discriminatory to force certain groups to do something but not other groups.
Although women have made progress throughout history, there is more work to be done. People need to be aware of the fact that women can do anything as well as men if not better in certain areas.

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Counter Claim
Some people feel in certain areas, discrimination is necessary because not all groups have the same skills.
By accepting other religious beliefs,
discrimination will decrease;
increasing peace and making a
positive change around the world.
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