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Music & Machine Learning

No description

Tan Ozaslan

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of Music & Machine Learning

Music & Machine Learning Music Technology Sound
Engineering HCI Music
Cognition Music
Retrieval History Research information retrieval feature extraction machine learning time-series analysis signal processing MIR music
categorization music
transcription music
generation expressive
analysis source
seperation recommender
systems What Do We Do? Expressive Analysis expressivity methodology results discussion what is ? how do we define expressivity? feature extraction onset detection Bello JP, Daudet L, Abdallah S, Duxbury C, Davies M, et al. (2005) A tutorial on onset detection in music signals. IEEE Trans on Speech and Audio Processing 13: 1035–1047. pitch energy onset Particle Swarm Optimization 93.3% PSO + Peak PSO + Peak Onset Deviation Onset Deviations Data Set so what? B.Sc - Computer Engineering M.A - Sound Engineering and Design M.Sc - Sound and Music Computing Phd. Information and Communication Technologies Tan Özaslan Xavier Serra Information Retrieval Machine Learning Feature Extraction now What I am going to talk about... Musical Expressivity rough data analysis Data Analysis outcomes thank you - Future composers performers Recommender Systems Data Analysis machine learning Machine Learning f-fold cross validation solution test classification Note Onset Deviations as Musical Piece Signatures Note Onset Deviations as Performer Signatures Data Analysis Computer Programming Algorithms Mobile Programming (Android) Data Analysis with
Matlab - R Music Information Retrieval Music Technologies Teaching Signal Analysis
(Audio) Data Analysis Applications David Cope
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