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Yasmin Notivoli

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Volute Interior Design and Furniture Done By: Lana Khalaf
Nisreen Hamadi
Yasmin T.Notivoli Table of Content: Focusing on and setting goals
Develop interior plans and drawings
Coordinate all aspects of design process with general contractor and architect
Design and specify all finish products such as flooring, lighting, etc.
Design cabinetry and built-in components
Fabric and furniture selection
Coordinate sub-contractors, fabrication and installations
Supply unlimited product resources
Commitment to the project until the last detail is completed
- About the company
- Mission, vision, slogan
- Services and products
- Gallery
- International Brands
- Interview
- Contact information and location About the Company In the year of 2002 at the Fantale Women Center, Volute Company was established, located on king Abdul Aziz road, Riyadh, under the management of Decoration Designer Amani Al-Ayid, which attracted the leading figures of the female community in Riyadh.

Many projects have been executed by Volute company, which excelled in design specialty and which focused on Saudi home distinction and advancement, leading to the success of this establishment and its expansion among the educated and the artistic class of people who enjoy a taste for this great art, and reaching the level of international Galleries in the Arabian Gulf.
Volute was selected to be the exclusive dealer for Edra, which is considered one of the world’s largest furniture and decoration companies. Furthermore, at the start of 2007, Volute company with its technical staff of engineers and specialists took eminent care in organizing a Volute works and products Gallery, displaying the Italian Edra Furniture Company products.

The opening of the gallery was in 2008, presenting ideas and designs in a distinguished manner to customers, serving best of both appearance and quality in the world of decoration and internal house designs. Mission: Volute Company is a full service interior design and furniture company specializing in high-end custom homes. We combine academic background and professional experience with sensitivity to our customers’ ideas, needs and preferences, to achieve their satisfaction. Volute Design has a reputation for creating extraordinary style and catering to every detail to ensure our clients’ houses become their homes. Vision We will surround ourselves with the most talented, driven people who work diligently as a team to create an unparalleled building experience and a life long relationship with each valued homeowner. Slogan A sense of art Services and Products What we do?
It takes teamwork to take projects from concept to completion and part of the team is the client. The company start with the client ideas and, in order to bring creative designs to their fullest expression, that team expands to include architects, builders, subcontractors, specialty consultants and artists who ultimately make it happen. Each project is a true reflection of the client’s wishes and desires, enhanced and guided by the vision and skills of the design team. How do we do it? The process begins with the client ideas and a visit to the client home or site to gather specific information. Volute team carefully analyze both the opportunities and challenges presented and follow that with services that can include architectural plan review, space layout, color scheme development, interior architectural detailing, cabinetry and furniture design, building and remodeling specifications, and project management. The company work with the client to establish and maintain a budget, making sure that project money is spent wisely and effectively both from an investment as well as an aesthetic point of view.

Great resources are not easy to come by…but, be assured that the company works hard to get the best that the design world has to offer. Volute have an unsurpassed range of design resources with quality manufacturers in all price ranges to include:
- Furniture
- Window Treatments
- Wallpaper
- Artwork
- Built-ins
- Custom Designed Furniture
- Area Rugs
- Light Fixtures
- Accessories Why hire Volute Interior Design Company? The wonderful thing about working with Volute design is the client will feel comfortable and confident with the team right from the beginning. Not only can the team explain the intricacies of design to the client, they can also explain the many benefits of working with an interior designer. Volute Design can save you money The company knowledge, expertise, and guidance can help prevent costly mistakes. Volute Design can save you time Along with total project management, the company team ability to understand the client’s interior design needs and provide access to the best sources can be invaluable. Whether the client are building a new home or have an existing home, the team can assist the client with any or all of their needs. - Focusing on and setting goals
- Develop interior plans and drawings
- Coordinate all aspects of design process with general contractor and architect
- Design and specify all finish products such as flooring, lighting, etc.
- Design cabinetry and built-in components
- Fabric and furniture selection
- Coordinate sub-contractors, fabrication and installations
- Supply unlimited product resources
- Commitment to the project until the last detail is completed Volute Design can simplify your life The company can make the most of what the client have to do for the research to find what their need. Volute will help the client make select from a vast number of product resources, many that only trade professionals have access to. This includes but is not limited to: Cabinetry
Plumbing Fixtures
Lighting Fixtures
Area Rugs
Accessories Volute Design can help you define and enhance your own style The company will work with the client to create a home that reflects there personal taste and meets there changing needs.
Volute company take the time to thoroughly understand each client’s needs and goals and then apply the company expertise to make their home look and feel just as they imagined it would. Always striving for the best in every area, Volute work with thoughtfulness and honesty to enrich the lives of the clients. Photo Gallery International Brands Here are some international brands that are present at Volute company Gallery:
Edra furniture company
Designers guild wallpaper and fabrics
Elitis wall paper fabrics and furniture
Sahco wallpaper and fabric
Rubelli wallpaper and fabric
Jab wallpaper and fabric
Casamance wallpaper and fabric
Harlequin wallpaper and fabric
Eijiffinger wallpaper and fabric
Dedar ` Interview Interview with Engineer Imad Hammadi:

1. Could you give us a brief summary about yourself and your position in the company?
My name is Imad Hammadi, I have a Bachelor degree in Interior Design Engineering from AUST American University of Science and Technology in Lebanon, I am 28 years old. I am an Executive manager at Volute Company.

2. Could you give us a brief talk about the company's history and when was it established?
It was establiched in 2002 by the owner Mrs. Amani Al-Ayed.
First the business started in a showroom in Fantale Women Center in King Abdulaziz Road, starting in small business, gradually the business started to get bigger until we achieved our goal of becoming a company. As going through time we managed to expand the company and by this we move to another location in Al- Takhasosi Street. 3. What are the types of projects that the company works on (residential, commercial…, etc.)?
We work in any domain or type that is within our capabilities and experiences but we mainly focus on residential projects.

4. How would u describe the design style that the company usually works with?
We work in different styles according to the client privileges.

5. What are the services which the company offers to its clients'?
Designs implementations and executions

6. What is the design process that the company usually follows?
We usually start with studying the site after taking all the dimensions of the space.
The next step is Furniture layout, false ceiling layout, flooring plans, mechanical plans: including HVAC, electrical wiring plans, plumbing.
After this process we move to the visual presentations such as sample boards and 3d modeling if required. 7. What design programs does the company use?
-Adobe Photoshop
-Autodesk , Auto CAD: 2D & 3D

8. Does the company offer any summer job or internship programs?
No, we don’t.

9. What are the qualifications which the company looks for when hiring a new employee? Are there any certain skills required?
Highly educated, experienced, motivated, and efficient in team work, good communicational skills.

10. Does the company have any other branches? Where?
No, there is only one branch 11. What differentiates Volute Company from other interior design companies?
We has to have our own taste and style in designs, we offer many privileges for the clients such as turn key projects, our factory produces costume made furniture.
We always seek to fulfill our customers’ needs and to give a good impression through our professional work.
In addition, we deal with international companies for wallpaper and fabrics.

12. What goals, as a company, are you aiming for?
We aim to expand our company through different areas in Saudi Arabia.
Keep our high reputation.
Also, keep the competition through domestic and international market.

13. Where do you see the company after five years?
I see Volute Company through progress and competing in international markets worldwide. Contact information
and Location Tel: 00966 1 2811195/ 2814449
Fax: 01- 4822263
P.O.Box: 86808 Riyadh 11632
Email: info.volute@yahoo.com
Location : Volute Gallery AL- Takhassusi Road, Riyadh, KSA
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