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English 251 Prezi Poetry Presentation (By: Kyle Smith)

English 251

Kyle Smith

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of English 251 Prezi Poetry Presentation (By: Kyle Smith)

Commuting to the Edge of Emerald In the mountain ranges of Shaanxi and Gansu,
they roam only to the familiar site that they call home—
a sea of mist encasing bamboo, the dense under story
shrouded in pluming cylindrical shoots, reaching skyward
another 48 inches at a time. Pandas are neither ink nor ashen,
they exist as a palette of both—
a curious mix of the two, one stopping
where the other begins—a canvas of polar opposites,
two ears perched atop, two eye patches just opposite,
a muzzle below, four legs—two as grapples
in its search for bamboo.
And the rest is pure, but they are not so. At first they appear cute and clumsy,
but that is their cover.
They entice you like a familiar face,
but that is their mystery,
unpredictability in disguise. For this is their fate:
canopy removed, torn out from splendor,
emerald undone. Beneath the plume of its cylindrical stalk
they grind lime to emerald. And when nearing its prime
they will give birth to not one, not two, but three:
pink, hairless, and blind. But that is the catch
for only one will survive.
They are but a stick of butter, 4 ounces to be precise. Tufts of fur soon will follow,
plump bodies rhythmically feeding
another six fingers at a time. By: Kyle Smith English 251
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