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Swans Open House

No description

michael reeves

on 23 August 2018

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Transcript of Swans Open House

E-mail or Canvas are the best ways to contact us.

Mr. Reeves

Ms. Wright

To Schedule a Conference, call:

Conferences are on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Montessori Program
Service Learning
Classroom Responsibilities
The three "R's"- Respect, Responsibility, and Readiness
Moving Up Ceremony

Students will be expected to complete homework on time.
Many homework assignments are longer term projects
Sometimes your participation may be needed for various projects.
Communication is key. If there are any issues, please contact us.

Cell Phone Policy
Students are not allowed cellphones during class.
If found, the phone will be confiscated
Numbered cellphone holder
May use it during lunch
Sometimes used during class for educational activities.
Mr. Reeves & Ms. Wright
Assessments 35%
Performance Tasks 30%
Classwork/Projects 25%
Home Learning 10%

We want to build students who can create a thesis and support it using relevant and reliable sources.
Language Arts
Life Science
Projects 30%
Assessments 25%
Labs 20%
Classwork 15%
Home Learning 10%

We will explore basic biological concepts; such as, cell structure, and biochemical make-up, inheritance. We will classify many different species, and talk about ecology and the interdependence organisms.
Natural World
Assessments 30%
Class Activities 30%
Projects 30%
Home Learning 10%

We want to allow students to study history from primary sources and make reasonable judgements about the events of the past in order to become contributing citizens of the world.
Social World
Math II Advanced
Assessments 30%
Quizzes 25%
Classwork/Projects 30%
Home Learning 15%

We will focus on proportional relationships; operations with rational numbers and working with expressions and linear equations; solving problems involving scale drawings and informal geometric constructions.

Late Work Policy
How does the Late Assignment Pass work?
Use this pass to hand in nearly assignment late, up to 3 days, there will be a deduction of points.
1 Day - 25%; 2 Days - 50%; 3 Days - 75%
Mr. Reeves & Ms. Wright reserve the right to make any assignment a “no passes accepted” assignment. For example, an assignment that requires a presentation will not be accepted late.
Students are allowed 4 passes per quarter.
When can you use the Late Assignment Pass?
This pass can’t be used for late work that is more than three days late. You do not need to use this pass if you are absent with an
excused absence
through the attendance office, such as an illness, unless it is past your makeup assignment window (2 days for every one EXCUSED absence).
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