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Stem Cell Research

No description

Riley Bellerose

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Stem Cell Research

That's where the promise of stem cells lies. As the mother cells of every tissue in the body, they are the biological ore from which the body emerges. All cells can trace their provenance to a stem cell, to the embryo and the first days after fertilization when such cells form.
These biological wonders are transforming the way we treat disease as well as how we think about unhealthy states and even the way we approach aging. Now that it's possible to generate an unlimited supply of stem cells from our own tissues, our scientists say it's only a matter of time before we figure out how to turn those cells into nerves, heart cells, liver cells or any other living tissue we may need if we get sick or injured.
Stem Cells are the answer to disease...
That's not all...
If that information amazes you, you're not alone! However...
Donate Now!
Treating disease is about fixing broken parts — about replacing cells that no longer work as they should, repairing tissues that falter and boosting systems that fail. But curing disease is a different matter. To cure disease, you have to do all of that and more.
You have to remove the pathological cause of the problem and ensure that it doesn't return. This requires teasing out where rogue cells went wrong and finding a way to nurture healthier ones to replace them.
It's now possible to grow stem cells in a lab, not just from embryonic tissue but also by turning back the clock on an already developed cell like one from the skin, bypassing the embryo altogether with four important fountain-of-youth genes that rework the skin cell's DNA machinery and make it stemlike again.
But why stop there? If these cells can replace ailing cells, why not aging ones? Can stem cells, as a source of replenished, renewable and healthy cells, keep us young forever? "In the absence of disease, why would we die?" asks Douglas Melton, one of our stem-cell researchers at Harvard University. "With stem cells, can we get control of the aging process?"
Spread the word! When people hear about prolonging their life and preventing aging, they will instantly be interested in this research.People are seeking the "Miracle" cure. Follow us on Twitter @TheCellOfTheStem and Like our Facebook page TheCellOfTheStem. Please share this with all of your friends. We need as much attention as we can possibly get. If you don't have a FaceBook or Twitter account, you can still help!
All Donations go towards our Stem Cell research. Your Donations drastically increase the speed of our research as we can purchase better equipment and hire more talented staff. The faster we can finish this research, the greater of the chance of you living longer.
We have an ultimate goal of raising awareness and money for stem cell research at KeyForLife Laboratories. We believe in presenting evidence, which includes pictures and text to engage our audience. Our presentation contains Stem Cell information presented in simple vocabulary to help you understand. Empty words are empty words, but our statements are 100% true and have the evidence to back it up. We hope you enjoy our Presentation!
Our Lab located in Kansas City
Before we get started, we recommend you watch this quick video made by our friend SciShow to help you gain a basic concept of stem cells.
We do have the help of our expert Staff and Scientists. But, we also need YOUR HELP!
Click the button to donate now!
We thank you for taking the time to view our Presentation. You are the key to living longer!
Our Stem Cell Research Director, Brad Duntly
KeyToLife StemCell Research Laboratories
2323 East 63rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64130
(816) 444-8161
Contact Information
Alright, let's get started!
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