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Career shadowing

Haleigh Hart

Haleigh Hart

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Career shadowing

Career Shadowing!
By:Haleigh Hart My Questions! Skills needed: Patients, loud voice, you have to love kids. Would you persue a job with this company?: Yes I would persue a job with this company! What did you like
best about this job: I like being outside most of the day. I love being outside! What did you dislike?: All the yelling that
you have to do at the kids! Compair and Contrast this job with Mckeel They get to eat
watever for lunch

They get 3 breaks

Only 20 min lunches 30 min lunch Homework! Uniforms! Rules! Paychecks! Test Her Questions: What is the purpose
of this P.E. class?: To get the kids to exercise
adn stay healthy. Where will this company
be in 15 years?: Same place as it is now! What eployability skills are
needed to work for this job?: 4 years of college Education needed?: 4 years of college Average sallery?: $30,000 Technology used?: None! Extra facts: Name: Jamie Allred Pictures!: She's not just a P.E. coach
she also helps load the busses
up at the end of the day! An she has an assistence
named coach Jill!
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