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History of Fashion and Advertising Photography

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danielle marchese

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of History of Fashion and Advertising Photography

History of Fashion and Advertising Photography
Photography in advertisement
In 1843 the first advertisement with a photograph was made in Philadelphia.
The first advertisement agency also opens in Philadelphia in 1843 by Volney Palmer.
Some of the best fashion photographers did advertisements before they made it the fashion industry i.e. Richard Avedon.
Photography and Pornography
Photographs have been used for more than just fashion, art and advertisement.
Amateurs where people who did photography for the sheer joy of photography, which would lead to the use of photography in manners that would be frowned upon certain individuals.
Rise of Fashion Photography
This type of photography arose when fashion magazines became popular.
Harper's Bazaar - 1867
Vogue - 1892
Considered the first fashion photographer, Adolphe de Meyer, was first shown in vogue.
From this time until the late 30's Paris was the center of fashion photography.
Important Photographers of that Time
Horst P. Horst
George Hoyningen-Huene
Edward Steichen
Cecil Beaton
Soon after photography replaces the lithograph, graphic design and drawing when it came to ads.
With the invention of halftone, the reproduction of photographs in magazines becomes more popular.
Fashion photographers started moving to New York causing that to become the new center of Fashion.
This change produced Martin Mukansci, who was famous for being the first to introduce the staged stereotyped pose.
Fashion photography also began to evolve with photographers such as Louise Dalh-Wolfe, who was inspired the change in fashion such as the invetion of the swimsuit, we began to notice that femininity begins to play a big part in fashion photography.
Danielle & Joel
Adolphe de Meyer
Fashion photography heightened after the second world war.
It brought forward photographers such as Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, and Norman Parkinson.
Richard Avedon- Worked for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Look. Also known for his pictures of famous actors and artists.
Irving Penn- Known for his classic style photographing his wife Lisa Fonssagrives.
Norman Parkinson- First to photograph outside and the in the streets.

When it comes to photography and porn or pornography, the line is very thin.
In earlier times, such as the Victorian ages, where photos of women in their undergarments.
Female photographers such as Lady Clementina Hawarden, photographed women in provocative poses, which where seen as risque.
Photos of nudes figures have been interpreted as the liberation of the human form.

In Advertisement
Popular culture has a lot to do with what is labeled as art and what is labeled as pornography.
"Sex sells " has been a popular phrase, because it entices curiosity and it does compel people to purchase a certain item.

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