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Blended learning, ICT new approches towards teaching

This piece features: definition, processes, technologies and achieving learning. by using ICT tools.

Ernesto Gutiérrez

on 17 December 2010

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Transcript of Blended learning, ICT new approches towards teaching

Blended learning, new approches towards teaching, ICTs
Models may vary...Although these are their main coverage:
1.- Web-based delivery.
2.- Face-to-face processing.
3.- Creating deliverables.
4.- Collaborative extension of learning.
All we want, just e-think about these five items:

1.- Global learning, sharing the intercultural English.
2.- Web-based delivery, all teaching materials at 1 click.
3.- Face-to-face processing & self-assessing.
4.- Creating deliverables for e-learners everywhere.
5.- Collaborative extension of learning, reflection.

All these items are comprised on an LMS...
Blended-learning, BL goes POD!
What can we do with ICTs?
What on Earth IS blended-learning?
Why would it be good to use blended-learning and ICTs?
Beyond this general statement, Graham et al. (Graham, Allen, & Ure, 2003, in press) found that overwhelmingly people chose BL for three reasons:

(1) Improved pedagogy, international staff.
(2) Increased access/flexibility, asynchronous learning.
(3) Increased cost effectiveness, just a click away from others.
Opensource tools enhancing communication & learning
beyond borders, an audience worldwide!
BL combines “The best of both worlds...”
Blended learning systems combine face-to-face instruction with computer-mediated content; C.A.L.L [Computer Assisted Language Learning].
"As we move into the future ...we continue to identify successful models of blended learning at institutional, program, course, and activity levels that can be adapted to work in contexts".
What is the most common reason for people to choose BL?
Teachers from all over the world, teaching, sharing.
Features in Blended-learning:

Chatting, exchanging first-hand information.
Virtual communities, making overseas bonds.
Instant messaging, texting, awareness in a click.
Blogging, updated & constructable knowledge.
Sharing findings & media to release content.
Collective learning, The power of many.
Let's become blended!
Strategical Sharing,teaching...withTechnology at
Thank you so much for your e-attention!
There are many reasons why an instructor, trainer, or learner might pick blended learning over other learning options. Osguthorpe and Graham (2003) identified six:

(1) Pedagogical richness, shared lesson-planning.
(2) Access to knowledge, shared documents, reports & literature.
(3) Social interaction, networking beyond school.
(4) Personal agency, addressed needs.
(5) Cost effectiveness, priotirising investment.
(6) Ease of revision, little time consumption.
Blended learning offers the autonomy, self-paced, home-comfort and value for students' money!
A group of professional, computer-literated teachers is needed!
Teachers lead learners through hurdles so they achieve their objectives faster.
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