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Marketing PPT

Vibhas Jain

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Micromax

Introduction Objectives & Methodologies Selling & Distribution Market Reality Service Center Issues Consumer Behavior Analysis Conclusion Millions of Fulfilled Consumers Established in 1991
12th largest handset manufacturer in world
Micromax informatics limited – evolved from software company to telecom manufacturer
It has captured a healthy 7% of market share
In India head offices at Gurgaon, Haryana
Increase in volume at a phenomenal rate of 300% in India To study Micromax as a brand
Focused mainly on the Primary research carried out exhaustively in the consumer market
Findings carried out through interaction with retailers and service centre personnel
Understand marketing strategies by studying their advertising and Promotion Methods
Interact with representatives to understand distribution How does Micromax make your life easier? Would you recommend this phone to a friend? Hub Delhi/Dubai distributes the products to local distributors Higher Margins to promote sales
Attractive credit policy to manage their cashflows
Target system for sales person to increase sales along with incentives (Rs. 30-40 per handset sold) Branding & Positioning Promotions in Bollywood and sports events
Lack of Hoardings & campaigns in local area/shops
Advertisements focused around their innovative products and their functionalities Retailers Place orders with central system Orders are consolidated by central system in Delhi System administrators place orders with Manufacturers in China Manufacturers deliver products to Delhi & Dubai Aspirational Innovative Youthful Real Market Share
Significant player in lower and middle range products only
lack of dummy phones damaging their market shares
Distribution centers
75 state distributors and 800 local distributors
Service centers to address customers problems (373)
Service centers are mainly outsource to third party
User segment and sales data
Primarily focused on rural and semi rural youth
Average no of phones sold by retailer is around 40-50
Targeting this segment through music, large screen and gaming phones in low values
No of phones sold by Kolkata distributor is about 40,000 -45,000 per month
Retailers are provided about Rs 150-200 per phone ranging in 200-3000 range that amounts to 6-8%
Higher margins as compared to competitors
They are also offered attractive credit policy to enhance their profits
Sales people incentivized by providing per phone margin Problems with after-sales services
25-30 problems every month at every service centers
Some time it takes around 30-40 days to resolve problems
Mainly problems with touch screen, trackball, key pad
Minor problems with software Multiple mobiles are purchased in a family
Consumers are more sensitive to price and function, than branding
Comparison of Products
Durability & Longevity Large penetration in lower average selling price handset market segment
Value for money products
Increase in sales volumes in last 2-3 years at phenomenal rate of approximately 300%
Lack of good service centers in and around Behala
Effective distribution cycle,
Providing greater margins to distributors to promote their brand
Lack of marketing and promotion activities at the grass root level
Non-availability of product variety for middle and upper level segments.
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