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Fairy Lies

No description

Alyssa Gregoire

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Fairy Lies

Fairy Lies
English presentation Reading Strategies Elements of Plot The novel Fairy Lies by E.D Baker,is about a half fairy half human girl named Tamisin,and her friend Jak.Tamisin gets kidnapped by a messenger fairy, who just wanted to play a joke. Tamisin was brought into the magical land of Fey, a kingdom where make believe creatures live. Jak decides to go find Tamisin and the adventure begins. Plot Summary The reading strategy I used before I read my novel was predict. I tried to predict what the story was going to be about. The reading strategy I used during reading my novel was ask questions. I asked questions to myself to help me understand the novel.The reading strategy I used after I read my novel was evaluate.I evaluated my novel when I was finished. 1.The Introduction or Exposition: The main characters are Tamisin and Jak. The setting is mainly in the land of Fey,in modern day times.The tone/mood of the introduction is calm and happy. 2.Inciting Event:The inciting event is when Tamisin gets kidnapped. This starts all the action. 3.Rising Action:The rising action is when Jak is looking for Tamisin in the land of Fey,and he runs into many problems, such as attacks 4.Climax:The climax happens when Jak finally finds Tamisin, but she doesn't remember him.Her kidnapper erased all of her memory of him.Now Jak must some pink dust,that can make anyone regain their memory. 5.Falling Action:The falling action is when Jak finally finds the pink dust in the woods,and Tamisin regains all of her memory of Jak. 6.Resolution/Conclusion:The resolution is when Jak and Tamison return to their town and return to their normal life. conflicts There are many conflicts in this novel.There is the big problem,when Tamisin gets kidnapped, but there is also small problems that happen to Jak when he is going to rescue her.Some examples of the small problems are when Jak gets chased by monsters, injured by a phoenix, and followed by some mean goblins. The main conflict is person vs person. Literary devices There are no flashbacks or irony in my novel, but there is a bit of foreshadowing. Jak warns Tamisin about not going out after dark because she could get kidnapped by a fairy, but Tamisin did not listen. At that point I knew something bad was going to happen. THE END
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