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Athletes Lifestyle - Assignment 2

No description

Dan Seaman

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of Athletes Lifestyle - Assignment 2

Know The Importance of appropriate behaviour for Athletes + Assignment Hand Out
5 minute class discussion - what did we look at last week?

Give me examples of what you saw
Dealing with others continued -

We saw video clips regarding RB talking about his employers

We saw videos about footballers dealing (or not dealing) with match officials and we also saw a video of Jon Drummond refusing to do what an official told him.
Key Terms -

Gamesmanship - when someone "bends" the rules to their advantage - an example includes time wasting - can you think of any?

Sportsmanship - playing fairly and to the recognised rules, an example could be helping an injured opponent
Different levels of Coach -

At different levels of sport you will deal with club/regional or even national coaches. The way one approaches you or you approach them will differ.

Not only in technical play but in expectations off the pitch/court

This can lead to feelings of discontent in the group if athletes are not used to dealing with such situations.

Agents - As an athlete you may feel that you need an agent as they can help with the following:
commercial and sponsorship advice
contract advice
managing external commitments

In recent times the use of agents has become extremely common as athletes feel they do not have the expertise to maximise their commercial potential.
Sponsors -

A sponsorship is a formal relationship between an athlete and a company.

These deals can be long lasting and beneficial for both parties - money, publicity etc

Positive behaviour is required and can affect not only the athlete but the image of his/her sport and the company.

We have looked at numerous examples of appropriate and inappropriate behaviour over the past few weeks so I am now going to give you your second assignment.
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