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Coca Cola Commercial

No description

Juand González Naranjo

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Coca Cola Commercial

Argentina. 2002
Best commercial in Spanish language
para todos...
Simplicity of the Message + Symbolism
- Easy and focused on what they are
selling: Coca-Cola is for EVERYBODY.
- It avoids being compared with other
- It is simple: cans, bottles and
bottle caps in a white
It compares some ideas, reflecting the motto: Coca-Cola for EVERYBODY.
Fat vs. Skinny
Tall vs. Short
Optimistic vs. Pessimistic
First vs. Last
Men vs. Women
Conciseness and Absence of Sentences
There are no sentences in the commercial, only syntagms.
We create the sentence in our
minds: Cola-Cola is for...
It was not 'translated', using Argentinian Spanish.
Allá/Acá vs. Allí/Aquí (
Vueltero vs. Indeciso (
Pelado vs. Calvo (
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