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Totem Poles: Identity, Ownership and Storytelling

Following totem poles through history--from ancient identity, to forced assimilation, to present day healing

Monika Burkholder

on 15 June 2011

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Transcript of Totem Poles: Identity, Ownership and Storytelling

Totem Poles Ancient Identity:--
the essence of the Totem The land and people Totem poles "are all about cultural identity". Totem poles are a way to show ownership of property. Totem poles are an extension of oral law, a storyteller. Purpose of Totems The Making Forced Assimilation--near death of the Totem “Ethnocentrism often prevents academics from seeing legal systems when they do not look like the Anglo justice system… [J]ust because a tribe lacks the same kind of legal system as Europeans, it does not mean that the tribe has no legal system at all.” P237 Current Healing--Rebirth of the Totem Restoration of the Past Robert Davidson Brian Jungen Modern vs commercial art Healing from pain ownership mortuary storytelling by monika burkholder
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