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Symbolism in Short Stories

No description

Kathy Franklin

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Symbolism in Short Stories

Symbols in Literature Examples Question ? Question How do you know if
it's a symbol? 1. watch for repeated
references to the item.

2. does the protagonist
have a special attachment
to the item?

3. ask "why does the
protagonist have this
attachment? Definition:
something that stands for or represents something else.
a driver's license or car
wedding rings
a black cowboy hat
red roses
the color white
the color green
trees Question? 2. Can symbols lead to theme

2. Yes. Sometimes the symbols in a story are part of the subject or topic of the theme of the story. 3. what does the tree in
this Prezi symbolize?

Answer: ???? what it is: a word, phrase or idea
representing an abstract
noun or idea.

What it is NOT: a physical object
representing another physical
object. 1. Do symbols represent the
same thing for everyone? Answer:
1. No. Symbols can be very individualized
and mean different things to different people.
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