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Counterpart Films Business Video 2.0

A company who supports the arts, gains respect and visibility of the community.

ArturoJ Parra

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Counterpart Films Business Video 2.0

Getting Started on Creating your online pressence with
Counterpart Films LLC
Objective: To create an online commercial for the video community to enjoy. In return, the support of a creative video will be visibile to any online community

Online Video Commercial
$2,500 For 4 videos per Video Campaign a Month.

The Quarterly campaign is 20% cheaper a month for Three Month agreement.

Your Receive
4 new videos each Month which will be produced at your location. A "Featured Interview" segment will be created benefiting A 501c or a Music Artist from the TSS program in yor companies name.

Attachment of a rolling graphic slate will be implemented during the taping of 4 different segments within any combination of M.A.M, NALIP.org, and CP Films Original Content.
1. Your Campaign Video will be
webready for anyone in your
online community to view
in High Definition.

*Youtube *Stumble Upon
*Vimeo * Del.icio.us
*Google * Tumblr
Mark Madrid Closing Speech
for N.A.H.R.E.P
Soon after Mark Madrid of Houston
was honored with Jefferson Award by Houston Business Journal’s Top 40 under 40 - Class of 2011; an honor awarded to the most respected and innovative young leaders in Houston.

Mark L. Madrid, Senior Director of Business Development at the Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, is Houston's latest Jefferson Award winner
Watch your popularity rise as you begin to control your video campaign. Support of local 501c's with an opening title "This segment provided to you by" will support your materilas.
Peruvian Council Opening
Credits including inserted
sponsorship and Thank you's

Negative Aspect:
The client only produced
one video and has yet to follow up
with a new campaign.
Because of our partnerships CP Films can Attach your brand with great entertainment Organizations and Live Performances through out the city of Houston.
* Featured write up and mention on CPFilms affiliate Websites, Various Blogs and/or Press, and viral media.

* Link of the segment for your website
* Exposure from the 501c3 or
communityorganization email data list
Added Value means FREE!
Once you purchase the Business Video 2.0 you will receive added value.
* CPF LLC will deploy your video via our email contact. 8,000 +
* Exposure through affiliate websites of Counterpart Films
Youtube - Twitter - Tumblr - StumbleUpon
Vimeo - Facebook - Google+ - Linkd In
Communicate with your fans or customers. They know we live in an ever changing world. If you tell them what you are thinking and why you are doing what you do, they will respect and support you more.
Mark Cuban
Here are a few examples on the proper
utilization of online video exposure
During the National NAHREP Houston Convention, Mark Madrid utilzed the Business Video 2.0 to document the Closing Ceremony for the organization NAHREP Houston Chapter. The Business Video 2.0 was utilized as a Historic Documentation Video for the organization.
At the end of 2011, 290 million Americans, in 114.7 million households, own at least one TV. Compare that with 234 million cellphone owners, 211 million Americans who are online, and the 116 million (ages 13 and up) who surf the mobile web.
In Review
Your video campaign will be created and handled
by a Counterpart Films LLC Senior Producer

With your Video 2.0 Purchase for the month, the user will receive an online commercial for the video community to enjoy. In return, the support of a creative video will be visibile to any online community showcasing the sponsor who made it possible, aka "Your Brand"

Online Video Commercial
$2,500 For a 4 tier Video Campaign a Month.
*Quarterly Campaigns are available

Your Receive
4 new videos each Month produced at your location.
Attchement of a graphic slate will be implemented during the
taping of any M.A.M, NALIP.org, and CP Films Original Content.

A "Featured Interview" segment will be created benefiting A 501c or a Music Artist from the TSS program. Your "Graphic Slate" will roll into frame revealing your companies info for 4 different Videos

Date Term Of Service:_________________:___________ 2012
(X) the Following: 1 Month [ ] 1 quarter [ ] 1Yearly [ ]

Date Start:___________________________________
4 Consultation [Y] [N] : Price: __Free______

Video includes editing, audio, music, lighting, interview segment at your location/place of business

By signing this agreement, I agree to purchase the business video 2.0
package by Counterpart Films LLC. I have read and agreed to the details
within in presentation. I hereby commit in giving the rights to produce a video visible for the online community as a form of marketing and advertising produced by Counterpart Films LLC.

Print Name: _____________________________________ Signature:__________________________

Name of Business: ________________________________
Phone:__________________________ email:____________________________________
Please Make all checks Payable to Counterpart Films LLC
You can safely pay at www.CounterpartFilms.com or set up
an appointment and securely pay in person.
U.S. adults watched 40.9 billion videos,
an average of 20.5 hours per viewer.
YouTube was the top online video property
for the month, with 151.6 million unique
viewers. The service garnered 20.5 billion
video views in the month. The average
viewer watched 7.4 hours on YouTube.
Vevo was second, with 55.4 million viewers. Facebook
(50.8 million viewers), Yahoo (50.4 million) and
Viacom Digital (47.4 million) rounded out the top five. Hulu
was second in engagement, with 3.3 hours watched per viewer.
No other content can be compared to the quality of entertainment like the wonderment of moving visuals. It is the creativity which catches and attracts the eye of the beholder. A successful video includes a main message which would entertain the idea of acting on the message presented for the beholder.
CP Films Associated websites
All Houston Arts Genere Magazine
Barstool Magazine
Music Arts and Media
El Blogerro
Mass Media *San Antonio
Art Attack Art Gallery * San Marcos
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