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No description

dalal malallah

on 29 December 2015

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Transcript of operation

Induction program
Introduction to Branch Operations

Section 1

Section 2

- Bank accounts, Cash transactions and Cards - Beyond costumers and daily checking

Section 3

General Instructions and confidentiality

Content :
First section

Bank accounts, Cash transactions
and Cards

General Instructions :
- Extra supporting documents to open accounts.

- Evaluative the customer financial situation.

- Legitimacy and eligibility.

- Private Banking Department.

- Signature checking: Don’t verify any of customers signatures on external documents unless there is an approval.

- Any certificate issued must be within the bank library unless you have legal and operation management approval.

Account and CIF instructions “MEMO” :
- Accounts covering.

- FAX , EMAIL and Telephone instructions.

- Bank Power of attorney issuing and cancellation.

- Clearance certificate request.

- Deceased customers accounts.

- Legal records and letters.

- Incomplete YMC - FATCA

- Expired civil ID

- Minor accounts

Accounts and Fixed deposits:
Account types :
-Current account
-Saving account
-Premium saving account
-Salary account
-On call account
Fixed deposit types :
- Sama ( Mudharaba)
- Wakala
- Mona
- Jana
- Hana
Second section
Cash transactions and Cards
*Cash Deposit-Withdrawal *Cheque Deposit-Withdrawal
*Account to account transfer *Local transfer
*Swift transfer
*Pay order, Demand Draft and HSBC
Transactions :
-Pay Orders
-Clearing Cheques
-Rejected Cheques

Cheques :
Standing Order :
-Commercial S\O
-Personnel S\O
-Charities S\O

-Printed directly at branch.
-PIN selection.
-Stock cards at branch.

-ATM card daily limit.

-Credit card limits.

Cards types:

Issuing Cards:
Second section

Beyond costumers and daily checking
- Transferring cash between Tellers and Head Teller.

- Teller box over and shortage.

- Cash hand over and take over.

- Branch vault limit.

- Surprise Check.

- Fake money.

- Bait money.
Dealing with cash :
At the end of the day :

- Each staff should check his own transactions daily.

- The staff should submit his transaction documents (Bundle) to OM or BM.

- PIN selection machine submission.

- Opened accounts submission.

- Keep the drawers and desks empty from any customers papers.
Safety and security procedures :
- Switching the alarm system on\off on daily basis.

- Each staff has an alarm button in the case on emergency.

- Each branch has cameras system 24 hours.

- Informing the security department when any of the branch’s keys lost.

- Sending all documents and vouchers to archive department on daily basis.

- Take over hand over procedures.
Third section

General Instructions and confidentiality

Any fee or charge deducted must be within CBK instructions.

Any waive of charge should be signed by the authorized person.
Fees and charges:
Confidentiality and customer

Identify confidentiality

Customers privacy and trust with the Bank.

Thank You
Opening account

- Identify CIF

- Accounts types

- Fixed deposits

- Personal finance
*Approvals and needed documents.


*World check and black list.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit types :

- Sama ( Mudharaba)

- Wakala

- Mona

- Jana

- Hana
General Instructions :
-Several terms.

-Breaking the deposit.

-Renewal option
Profit Calculation :

- Active \ Inactive account

- Suspend account

- Dormant account

- Closed account
Accounts status :
Second section

Cash / Non cash and Cards transactions
Cash transactions :

- Deposit process

- Withdrawal process

- Internal GL cash on hand
Cards :
- Printed instantly at branch

- Stock cards at branch

- PIN selection

- PIN mailer

- Vision Plus

- ATM card daily limit

- Credit card limits
Cheques details :

Pay order details :

- Cheque Deposit / Withdrawal

- Pay Order / Demand Draft / HSBC

- Clearing Cheques

- Rejected Cheques

- Chequebooks
Cheques :
- Internal GL transfer

- Account to account transfer

- Local transfer

- Swift transfer
Non Cash transactions :
At the end of the day :

-Commercial S/O

-Personal S/O

-Charities S/O

-Covering S/O
Standing Order :
 Branch employees:
Branch management:

- Reviewing all reports, bundles, clearing cheques, opened accounts and accounts amendment.

- Checking the stock of Pay orders, ATM cards, Credit cards and cheque books.

- Checking the Branch’s register of keys, stamps and PIN numbers.

- Putting all gifts vouchers and gold gifts in branch vault.
1.Accounts and cash transactions
Issuing certificates :
- Salary Transfer certificate.

- Liability certificate.

- Balance certificate.

- Clearance certificate.

- Quittance certificate.

- Traffic certificate.
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