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Copy of Vemma Prezi #RoadTo6Figures

Made by Ronil Bhatia, Edited by Nikhil Bhatia

paul scott

on 4 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Vemma Prezi #RoadTo6Figures

Introducing VEMMA
Energy Drink Industry
$12.5 billion dollar industry
Dominated by Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar
All terrible for you
Need for healthy alternative
The Concept
Builder Pack Bonuses
Frenzy Bonus
- 3 Builder Packs in any one week = $1000
- 6 Builder Packs in any one week = $2000
Platinum Club
- Help 10 friends get team of 10 orders each
Why its Working?
53.6% of kids unemployed or underemployed with a bachelors degree under the age of 25.
85% of kids move back in with parents after graduation.
Student loan debt is the #1 debt in America, over $1 trillion dollars
Times are changing
Apple stock
Two Pack
Silver Builder Pack
Success Stories

110 million dollar company
Spent $55 million on the people that consume and share the product
Red Bull
Social Network

Facebook (Social Network) + Product = Network of Consumers
2nd highest paid profession
People fail
Amway, Herbalife, Avon, Marykay
55 years
$146 Billion
Customer Loyalty Program
3 Customers and your product is free
No overhead fees
5 billion dollar company
Spent $1 billion on traditional advertising including commercials, stunts and the X-Games
Start a Business
Compensation Plan
Re - Up
Residual Income
Fast Start/Cycling
Mike Wallace
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