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United Airlines

No description

Carla Alfaro

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of United Airlines

United Airlines Go Overboard
The Story
Sometimes National Airline companies overbook flights so they make sure to fill all the seats incase some people do not show up.

However, in this case all passengers were present.
United Airlines asked four passengers to leave the airplane.

One of the four passengers refused to give up his seat stating he had an important surgery to perform, this man so happened to be Chinese.

The Washington Post
The specific article we chose explains the story and makes the point on why did they randomly chose him.

The article states, "United Airlines just randomly chose an Asian? It’s blatant racial discrimination"
The man was then grabbed and forcefully dragged off the plane.

Through all the force the Chinese doctor had got knocked out and a busted lip.
Reference Page
We chose this news article because it relates to many topics in the book and chapter 10.

The Conflict Theory

- An attitude that prejudges people, usually in a negative way.

- Behavior that treats people unequally or unfairly because of their group membership.

Individual Discrimination
- Harmful action on a one-to-one basis by a dominant group against a min
Dalton Smith, Carla Alfaro
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