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Dog Shark Dissection

No description

kaia jackson

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Dog Shark Dissection

folders fishes MY DOG SHARK DISSECTION by Kaia Forbes We cut open the stomach and
gently sliced off the flaps.
We slid the dissecting tool
underneath the spine. After that,
We all carefully cut out the lungs.
Then, we all chopped the heart
and brain out of the dead shark.
The whole thing was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! When I first walked into Mrs. Crapster's room, it smelled like a net full of dead fish. Overlooking that, I felt very nervous, in fact I really didn't want to cut open the dead shark. smell-stinky, weird, also disgusting dog sharks Dog Shark Information touch-slimy, rough, squishy see-cartilage, slimy, teeth taste-deadness, rotten fish hear-crackling in skull,
cutting open the shark The Dissection The Rest of The Dissection We also found something really
cool in the stomach! We found
shrimp inside the stomach! At the end of everything, people felt like barfing. They said, "I don't want to eat lunch anymore," and all that, but not me! I can dissect tons more! That's how much I enjoyed dissecting that dead shark. image of a dog shark This is me, Kaia in the navy blue hoodie, with a dead Dog Shark. post it notes!!!!!! folders Dog
Sharks! image of dog shark
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