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*Emperor's New Groove

Comprehension Questions

Cedric Chastagner

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of *Emperor's New Groove

Comprehension Questions
After viewing the Disney Movie in class, copy the questions below and answer them the best you can:
1. Why did the old man get thrown out the window during the song?
2. Why does Kuzco want to destroy the village on the hill?
3. Why did Yzma get fired?
4. Where does Yzma end up when Kronk pulls the wrong lever?
5. What color are Pacha's wife's earrings?
6. Why isn't the squirrel nice to Kuzco in the end?

7. Who saves Kuzco from the jaguars?
8. Why did Kuzco change his mind about Kuzcotopia before heading back to the palace?
9. Where do Kuzco and Pacha have their big fight?
10. Where did Yzma leave her "best shoes"?
11. Whose birthday is faked at the restaurant?
12. What is Krong doing while Yzma is having tea with Pacha's wife?
13. When in the movie, did you see some kind of terracing?
14. What is everyone fighting for in the lab?
15. What did Yzma get changed into?
16. Why did Kuzco change the location of his pool?
17. What does Krong end up working as?
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