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James Bowie

No description

Davion Griffin

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of James Bowie

Description Family James Bowie His family is Ursala Bowie(wife),Elve Bowie(mother),John Bowie(brother)Stephen Bowie(brother),Rezin Bowie.Jr(brother), Rezin Bowie .Sr(father),Sarah Davis(sister) ,Maria Bowie(daughter),Mary Bird(sister),an unnamed son,Martha Nugent(sister), and David Bowie(brother). Careers His careers before the military were pioneer, smuggler, slave trader, and land speculator. He was a man of many talents. Quotes His most famous quote
is "Remember the Alamo"

He is known for his prowess
with a knife such as, the
Sandbar Fight. Armed Service He enlisted in the Louisiana militia for the War of 1812
He was involved in the Long expedition even though his role remains unclear.
He helped overtake Nacogdoches.
Involved in Battle of Concepción
Involved in the Grass Fight Role One of the commanding officers at the Alamo
signed the resolution to hold the Alamo
confined to bed rest for the entire seige He has been described as an honest fearless man. He is apx 6
foot with
brown hair
and blue
eyes. Sources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Bowie
http://www.geni.com/people/Col-James-Jim-Bowie-commander-Alamo-volunteers/6000000009956430918 Early Years :Born on April 10,1796
:Born in Logan County,Kentucky
:Raised on a farm
:learned to read and write in English,Spanish, and French
taught to survive Final Years Died on March 6, 1846
Died at the Alamo
There are several conflicting accounts of his death
One states that a Mexican officer ordered his tongue cut out and his body thrown into the
funeral pyre
He started the phrase "Remember the Alamo" which sparked rebellion in many Texans.
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