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Great Depression Project

No description

Samuel Sanchez

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Great Depression Project

Great Depression Project The Great Recession The Great Depression Major Causes of the GD... The U.S. Stock market collapsed because of over-production Banks were lending too much money. Inflation Unemployment American industries were making more goods than what people can afford. The Federal Reserve Board thought that it was unwise for banks to lend money for speculation. Prices of goods were rising Since companies were not making profits, many of them laid off many workers. President at the time was...
Herbert Hoover- he became"inactive" for awhile,trusting it all would self-correct.
However, when that didnt work out so good, he later organized an international moratorium in war debts and reparations. This actually did help stem the slide further into depression, but only briefly.
Franklin Roosevelt later became president and offered the" New Deal", which was a set of programs that helped out many americans including farmers, banks, and many companies. Then... Major causes of the GR... GDP declined Which was caused by a slowdown in manufacturing orders, falling housing prices and sales, and a drop-off in business investment.
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