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SWOT Analysis

Marketing Project

Jake (thesnake) Peterson

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of SWOT Analysis

By: Jake, Austin, Ally, Matt SWOT ANALYSIS S.W.O.T.
Threats. SWOT Analysis-
Is the assessment that lists and analyzes the company's strengths and weaknesses. Internal and External Awareness Identify Weaknesses
Prepares for handling threats (competition or changing marketplace) Strengths and weaknesses are internal
Threats and opportunities are external Company Analysis What a company does well
What areas are weak Company Analysis Questions Includes:
reviewing of the staff
company's financial situation
productions capabilities
each aspect of marketing mix Staff-Related
1. How effective is the sales force?
2.How experienced are the company's executives? Financial Questions
1. Are there enough financial resources to achieve the company's goals?
2. Has the company been profitable? Production Capability
1. What percentages of sales come from products that are five years or older?
2. How are adjustments made in production due to an increase or decrease in the company's sales orders? Four P's influence how a customer responds to a business Marketing Mix Company Analysis Customer Analysis Competitive Position Crossword http://www.toolsforeducators.com/crossword/getCrossword.php?to=1&hints%5B%5D=What+the+W+in+SWOT+stands+for.&texts%5B%5D=Weakness&hints%5B%5D=What+influences+how+a+customer+responds+to+a+business%3F&texts%5B%5D=Marketing+Mix&hints%5B%5D=What+the+O+in+SWOT+stand+for.&texts%5B%5D=Opportunity&hints%5B%5D=Threats+and+opportunities+are+____+awareness.+&texts%5B%5D=External&hints%5B%5D=The+assessment+that+analyzes+a+company%27s+strengths+and+weaknesses.+&texts%5B%5D=SWOT+Analysis&hints%5B%5D=Which+type+of+analysis+analyzes+the+good+and+bad+aspects+of+a+company%3F&texts%5B%5D=Company&hints%5B%5D=What+the+S+in+SWOT+stands+for.+&texts%5B%5D=Strength&hints%5B%5D=Strengths+and+weaknesses+are+_______+awareness.+&texts%5B%5D=Internal&hints%5B%5D=What+the+T+in+SWOT+stand+for.&texts%5B%5D=Threats&hints%5B%5D=&texts%5B%5D=&hints%5B%5D=&texts%5B%5D=&hints%5B%5D=&texts%5B%5D=&hints%5B%5D=&texts%5B%5D=&hints%5B%5D=&texts%5B%5D=&hints%5B%5D=&texts%5B%5D=&hints%5B%5D=&texts%5B%5D=&hints%5B%5D=&texts%5B%5D=&hints%5B%5D=&texts%5B%5D=&hints%5B%5D=&texts%5B%5D=&hints%5B%5D=&texts%5B%5D=&fontName=arial&fontSize=11
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