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Ohio Wesleyan College

No description

Taylor Sandoval

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Ohio Wesleyan College

Ohio Wesleyan University is located in Delaware, Ohio. The small community of Delaware is just 20 miles from Columbus,the nation's 16Th largest city.
Student Population
There are 140 academic community full-time faculty.And there are some 1,850 students from 42 states and 37 countries.The Native student population is: .16%
Academics offered:
The degrees they offer are: The Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and the Bachelor of Music.At Ohio Wesleyan the majors I'm interested in is Engineering and Medicine.
Residential Community:
At Ohio Wesleyan Students don't live in dorms because they believe valuable life lessons come from living in community,they are a residential campus.Their are some Residential houses that are mixed-together,But that's if you want to be in a mixed residential house. If i was to go to this college i would choose the Welch Hall because its a living-learning community.And it offers special opportunities for involvement and a 24 hour quiet policy for studying.
Extracurricular Activities:
Astronomy club
Pre-health club
The Ghost Hunters
Entrepreneurship club
Pre-Vet Club
Women in Science
The JayWalkers(a Capella Group)
Owtsiders(Co-ed a Capella group)
Peer Health Advocate Trainers,etc.
Mission Statement
Ohio Wesleyan University is a national liberal arts and sciences university with a major international presence. Their mission is to assist students in successfully completing their academic program,To empower students by providing a challenging and supportive environment for personal growth and leadership opportunities.
Ohio Wesleyan College
Average ACT score:25
SAT Critical Reading:565
SAT Math:580
SAT Writing:573
3 letters of recommendation from teachers,coaches, or principals who are familiar with you recent academic performance.
The Deadline is November 15.
Test-Optional:But you have to at least have a Cumulative GPA 3.5 or higher.
Cost and Financial Aid:
Tuition: 41,660
Financial aid: there is about 95% of students within the entering class receiving assistance based on need.
Schimmel Scholarship:female with an excellent academic record and shows leadership.
Branch Rickey Scholarship:first-year students with determination to achieve.
Helen Crider Smith "women as Leaders" scholarship:Female student with a good academic record and shows leadership. covers full tuition.
Women Sports:

Men Sports:
Cross Country
The Welch Hall
Residential houses:
Elliot Hall
Phi Delta Theta
Perkins Observatory
The Bishop
From my Perspective:
Can i see myself at Ohio Wesleyan?

Advantages:They have a really good academic environment,club organizations,and interesting scholarships.

Disadvantages:I don't really like this college And where the location is. But they really do have interesting club organizations.
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