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Syrian Genocide Watch

No description

Sydney Fougere

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Syrian Genocide Watch

Syrian Genocide Watch
Negatively categorizing a group of people into "us and them."

The "Free Syrian army" is rebels from the Syrian army who refused to shoot at unarmed civilians during the Syrian uprising.
The al-Assad government continues to label the rebels as "terrorists" and they use the label to defend its attacks on the rebels.
The Alawite government deliberatly targets and attacks the Sunni Muslim civilians and the army defectors.
Assad's soldiers take the massacres as a joke and celebrate after brutal attacks and mass killings.
The soldiers of the government show no remorse and enjoy murdering their own civilians.
They tend to call the corpses names, swear at them, throw them around, laugh at them and harrass the corpse by undressing them
Arour, a racist sectarian extreme Sunni televangelist on TV, pretends to support the Syrian revolution and mocks the victims.
The torture and murder of children and the denial of food, medicines and other essential took place.
Indiscriminate, widespread attacks on civilians, arbitrary detention of thousands in the political opposition, and rape of detainees also occurred.
In February 2012, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights reported the death toll exceeding 5,400.
Today, reports by the Syrian Network for Human Rights and the Damascus Centre for Human Rights
Studies place the death toll around 14,000.


The Syrian government denies committing crimes but blames crimes against humanity on “foreign inspired terrorist gangs” for the armed conflict.
Violent attacks continue to escalate because of the al-Assad regime.
According to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, in February 2013 the death toll in Syria was approaching 70,000 though an official from Syria had only reported around 5,000.
The Syrian government continues to deny that anything has occurred and continue to lie about the death toll. Unfortunately around 5,000 people a month are killed because of this.

The Syrian government and army are against the people of Syria.
The people are categorized as anyone who does not have any part in the army or government.
Unfortunately the Christian community and the foreigners are the largest targets.
Classify defected troops as "terrorists" for their hate groups.
Names or other symbols given to people to help discriminate against them and label the group.
One group denies the humanity of the other, hate propaganda is used to vilify the victim groups.
Mass killings occur. Victims are believed to be not fully human.
Overall Solutions
The Arab League and Turkey create an Islamic court to hold Assad and Syrian officials accountable for crimes against humanity under the Islamic law.
On August 23,2013, the prevention of genocide, Adama Dieng and adviser, Jennifer Welsh have declared for the United Nations to investigate the crisis in Syria due to “allegations of use of chemical weapons in Syria”(United Nations press release).
The UN security council should demand for greater chemical weapons inspectors and human rights monitors.
The leaders of the genocide try and cover up what is actually occurring.
To prevent symbolization, hate speech should be forbidden, though it will fail if it not supported by the cultural enforcement.
However, if a significant number of Syrians do not support symbolization, then the denial of symbolization would be influential.
Prevention of Symbolization
Prevention of Classification
Prevention of Dehumanization
Prevention of Extermination
Prevention of Denial
Background Info
Beginning in March of 2011, the Syrian security forces under the command of the al-Assad government have been committing violent crimes against pro-democracy protesters and the the civilians. Protests since then have turned violent as former Syrian troops defected and formed the “Free Syrian Army,” which the Syrian government calls a “terrorist” organization to justify its all- out war against the rebels and Sunni Muslim civilians. Cities as a whole have been destroyed by Syrian tanks. Reports of human rights abuses by rebel forces have also increased. A group of jihadist rebels has declared themselves an al-Qaeda partner. With over one million people displaced and the death toll exceeding 70,000, war continues, further threatening the stability of the reign.
The Syrian Government attempted to close the country by not allowing anyone to leave or enter.
They have disabled all internet connections and cell phone towers.
The Government has seized civilians' cell phones.
At least 120 military/security personnel have been killed.
Extremists drive the groups apart, hate groups broadcast hateful propaganda, laws may forbid social interaction, extreme terrorists target victims.
Hate radio stations or television programs should be shut down.
Hate propaganda should be banned with brutal consequences if rules are not followed.
Crimes and such atrocities should also be banned and should have harsh punishments if caught committing.
At such an early stage of the genocide, actions should be taken to prevent from any further disaster.
Other leaders should take measures into their own hands by using their power to help Syria.
They should promote tolerance and understanding of what is occuring and make their country aware of what is going on.
Military troops should be sent to try and help to prevent brutal massacres of genocide to occur.
To prevent the extermination of Syrians, other countries should be made aware of their conditions.
Outside organizations or governments could try to set up ways to send food and supplies to the camps these genocides are being displaced to.
Spread the word about the Syrian genocide.
Inform people of the fact that most do not have cell phones or internet access.
Release information about the numbers of deaths so far
With the political governments of neighbors and other countries, these perpetrators will be arrested and and justice will be served.
Prevention of Polarization
The United States or other countries should have gotten involved by enforcing security protection laws for victim groups.
Extremists and terrorists should have been seized and visas and international travel for them should have been denied.
Coup d'etat by the extremists and terrorists have been opposed and destroyed by international sanctions.
Genoicide watch recommends that:
For more information visit...

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Solutions Continued
If Syria continues to refuse helping those in need, international support should provide aid. The United States as well as Russia should continue to consider the option of destroying Syrian chemical weapons by "dividing equally the percentage of the chemical weapons under destruction" (Venetis 1).
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